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To Ensure Your Clients Benefit From The Cloud And You Gain More

Isn’t It Time You Stopped Spending Time Managing Cloud Solutions And Started Focusing On Your MSP Business Goals?

The cloud services adoption rate is growing exponentially as clients like yours look for ways to increase productivity, reliability, scalability, and value while curtailing costs. Choosing CPU, Inc. for your Cloud Service Provider will help you provide your clients what they require while realizing the margins you need to make a profit – and without the heavy lifting, you’d have to do with services from a larger Cloud Service Provider.

Our Partners Tell Us Why They Chose Our Cloud Solution Over Others

  • Their clients asked about the Cloud, and they wanted to provide answers that would set them apart as experts.
  • They wanted to be viewed as an IT services leader. Adding cloud services to their portfolio would help them achieve this.
  • Some of their competitors were already offering cloud services, and they needed a better solution to compete.
  • They also wanted to:
    • Grow their business with additional revenue sources.
    • Lower their costs and increase their margins.
    • Improve their ability to serve and respond to their clients’ needs.

Our Partners no longer had to go it alone when it came to offering the cloud solutions their clients were requesting. Nor did their clients have to go without the service and support they required.

They could now compete with other IT providers more effectively because they didn’t have to spend countless hours looking for the right solutions or troubleshooting them. They could depend on us for this, while at the same time providing the expertise in cloud solutions their competitors couldn’t offer.

For These Reasons And More, CPU Was The Right Partner

Those who considered using a large Cloud Service Provider (CSP) changed their minds when they learned about CPU:

  • They didn’t want to split their margins as the other CSPs required.
  • They worried about the effects of changeable pricing every time the large CSP lowered or raised their prices according to what their competitors were doing.
  • Support was a primary motivator. They knew that the large CSPs focused on supporting their mega-partners and that they would get lost in the crowd without the support they needed.
  • Account control was an issue and they feared that if they signed on with a large CSP, they wouldn’t have the control they needed.
  • They found the other CSP platforms to be too complicated. They needed a solution that was simple for them to use. Ours provided this.

For Those Who Considered Building Their Own Cloud Solution Complexities Proved Too Costly And Time-Consuming

They Lacked Skilled and Experienced Talent

They were surprised at the number of specially trained engineers it took to develop a viable cloud solution. They were dismayed when they realized that once the cloud solution was in place and running, that their work didn’t get any easier. The maintenance and overwhelming lifetime management of the solution were more than they could handle.

They Lacked Enough Money

They discovered that their proprietary solution wasn’t providing the ROI they had expected. They hadn’t considered the lengthy sell-cycle and long waits for revenue to materialize.

Did you know that the upfront costs alone to stand up a cloud solution runs from $500,000 to $1 Million?  If you have to fund this or pay interest on a loan, you’re looking at spending a lot of money. For many, this kind of capital outlay isn’t worth the effort.

Unforeseen Costs

The cost of staffing the right support personnel proved to be a burden. This alone can cost more than the initial outlay to stand up a cloud solution. To save money, some tried outsourcing their support. When this didn’t work, they tried saving money by cutting back their support to only working hours – then they began to lose clients. In essence, their proprietary cloud was ruining their business.

They All Pulled The Plug On The Large CSP & Their Hopes Of Standing Up Their Own Cloud Solution

This Is When They Decided To Partner With Us Instead.  

With CPU as their Cloud Solution Provider, they could deliver higher value services to their clients, improve their margins, and have the support they needed to position their IT business as an expert in the Cloud.

Plus, they could do this without costly capital outlay or the need to hire expensive cloud specialists. They can now easily manage our solution with a drag-and-drop platform. And the revenue from their sales is helping them grow their business.

When You Partner With CPU, You Can Realize Profits You Haven’t Before & Your Clients Will Benefit From The Cloud Solution You Provide

By partnering with a wholesale CSP like CPU, Inc., you’ll have more control over your margins, as there are no public price lists like there are with larger cloud solution providers. You can price “your cloud” as you believe your market will allow.

We also offer additional services you can resell like data backup, disaster recovery, and cloud migration services. These are less costly to deliver from our cloud solution than going out and purchasing them on their own.

With CPU As Your Cloud Partner, Your Reputation Will Shine

When looking for a CSP, it’s important to choose one that has invested efforts and capital into building a highly resilient, scalable cloud infrastructure you can be proud to provide. Your reputation is at stake, and you need the best solution and service you can find without breaking the bank.

CPU will be a partner you can trust. We will align our service with your business strategy and provide the high-level business and technical support that you expect.

Unlike our competitors, we don’t cut costs by using free hypervisors or limiting support.  Did you know that some CSPs use consumer-grade hardware to cut costs?  And, try reaching an engineer from a large CSP. It’s very difficult to do. When you can connect with one, they often have such a strong accent that you can’t understand them. This is because English isn’t their primary language. You and your clients deserve much more. These issues can cost you your good reputation and your clients. 

We’ll Help You Grow Your Business And Build a Strong Reputation

  • White Labeling. We not only provide white-labeling capabilities, but we also provide the sales and marketing tools you need to be successful. With white-labeled collateral, presentations, portal branding, and more we’ll help you sell your solution to your prospects.
  • Controlled Costs. We’re transparent with all costs and will help you avoid any excess or needless ones. This is what true partners do. Unlike others, we won’t make you adhere to storage and networking policies where you’ll be hit with the high costs of moving data out of the cloud.
  • Configuration Support. With CPU you’ll have a partner who enables you to seamlessly build or modify configurations to meet your clients’ unique needs. We will help you configure our solution whether your workload requires physical isolation or must be run in a multi-tenant environment. We can even set up bare metal configuration for those workloads that can’t run in a virtualized environment.  
  • Pricing & Billing That Suits Your Needs. We provide wholesale pricing so you can realize the most profitable margins. You pay for only what you need and nothing more (utility computing). And we offer a pay-as-you-go payment plan, so no upfront capital outlay is required.
  • Training & 24 x 7 Support. We offer training so your support staff will have the skills they need to make your business as self-sufficient as possible. When they do need assistance, we’re here 24 x 7 at no additional cost to you.
  • Purpose-Built Cloud Migration. Most CSPs have cloud upload or import functions. However, these come in all shapes, sizes, and capabilities. They typically use a virtual disk (e.g., a VMDK) that are attached to the client’s environment. The problem is that this can’t migrate a heavily utilized server. It also causes unacceptable downtime and lag. For heavily utilized servers, this can mean days for your client without their technology.  CPU offers a true (purpose-built) migration service where servers are replicated from on-premise or another cloud. This allows for migration testing, configuration, and synchronization before your client is cut-over to the cloud. Any time lapse is reduced to minutes. And, our migration supports failback if something unexpected occurs.
  • Self Service Capabilities. Your cloud portal will be simple and intuitive to use with different views and roles based on user login credentials or other forms of identification.
  • Physical & Virtual Servers. It’s essential that you are able to support your client workloads in both virtualized and non-virtualized environments. This way, you will never have to stop a migration project because of a server that couldn’t be supported in a virtualized environment. We support physical, virtual and bare metal configurations.
  • Highly Secure Data Centers. Your cloud infrastructure will be hosted in highly reliable, highly secure, Tier 3 (+) datacenters. There are several organizations that classify datacenters, but some CSPs self-classify. This isn’t acceptable.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA). Our SLA is four 9s and provides the investment needed to deliver. Almost every big CSP offers SLAs around three 9s, and very few commit to doing better than this.

About CPU, Inc.

From our start in 1986 as a software development company to our position today as a leader in the cloud services space, CPU, Inc. has been blazing trails throughout the technology landscape.

With this experience, we provide an intuitive, drag-and-drop cloud management solution that simplifies your workflow processes, management, pricing, margin analysis, and billing.

Give your clients the cloud solutions they need to succeed. When you do, you’ll succeed as well. Partner with CPU, Inc. by getting in touch with us at (877) 373-8808 or at

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