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One Who Will Always Look Out For Your Best Interests So You Can Look After Your Clients?

Look To CPU, Inc.– Our Cloud Solution Is Built By MSPs For MSPs.

Are you tired of waiting online or on the phone for support from your CSP – wondering if they will ever address your concerns? And when you do get through, you can’t reach a person who is authorized to make a decision in your best interest.

Stop wasting your time and your money! You need fast, efficient service so you can provide the same for your clients. You know how important personal service is – you must provide it to your clients. And just like you get to know their businesses to provide the best service, we get to know yours. We’ll learn what your priorities are, and help you deliver the right and best cloud solutions for your clients.

The cloud services adoption rate is growing exponentially as clients like yours look for ways to increase productivity, reliability, scalability, and value while curtailing costs. Choosing CPU, Inc. for your Cloud Service Provider will help you deliver the top-notch services your clients are searching for, while helping you realize the margins you need to make a profit – and without the heavy lifting you’d have to do with services from a larger Cloud Services Provider.

As A Seasoned MSP We Know What It’s Like To Be In Your Shoes

We know the challenges you deal with, especially when trying to launch a cloud solution on your own. As you know, or maybe you don’t, this can come with many expensive pitfalls. You’ll need specially trained engineers to develop a viable cloud solution. And once your home-grown solution is in place, running it can be a nightmare. The maintenance and overwhelming lifetime management of developing your own cloud solution will likely be more than you can handle.

We’ve already done the hard work, and we have the systems in place to make your job an easy one. And unlike other CSPs, we won’t market to your clients. We only market and sell our services to MSPs like yours.

When Your Clients Benefit, You Will Too With Our:

MSP-Cloud Hosted Desktop Solution 

Instead of housing everything on their computers and local servers, you can host your clients’ operating systems, settings, applications, and files for them. What does that mean for them? They can log into any Internet-connected computer and effortlessly use their new personalized operating system, settings, applications, and files in the same way they would with their personal computer.

Infrastructure as a Service Solution (IaaS)

This allows you to deliver an IT infrastructure on an outsourced basis that provides hardware, storage, servers, data center space, and software. It’s accessed on-demand rather than requiring your clients to purchase their own equipment. That means they don’t have to invest their capital in new hardware. As your IaaS provider, CPU Inc. offers policy-based services and takes responsibility for housing, operating, and maintaining the equipment on a per-user basis so you can provide your clients an easy-to-pay-for option when they need it.

Cloud Hosted PBX Solution

Our Hosted PBX phones slash prices compared to traditional phone systems, allowing your clients to reallocate funds to other areas of their business that need attention. It will improve their connectivity and collaboration while ensuring they stay connected even when they’re out of the office. Our Hosted PBX provides a wide range of innovative features to make your clients’ communications easier and more effective, and it will help to increase their productivity and improve their workflow processes.

Cloud Data Backup Solution

You know that ensuring your clients’ mission-critical customer data and systems have a full and accessible backup in the Cloud is one of the first steps in creating an actionable plan for recovery. CPU provides you the optimal backup solution you can resell to your clients, so they’ll trust you as their reliable Technology Solutions Provider.

Secure Cloud File Storage

Your clients will thank you for boosting their productivity with mobile file syncing and sharing capabilities from a file storage solution they can access wherever they are. When you partner with us, we’ll ensure you can deliver unlimited storage and retention services for a predictable monthly fee that includes automatic upgrades, maintenance, and customer support that’s available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We’ll help you store your clients’ data in a single tamper-proof online repository within secure and private multi-tenant data centers.

Compliance In The Cloud

The margin for error in business is razor-thin when it comes to compliance and data security. Especially in light of today’s compliance regulations – FINRA, HIPAA, PCI-DSS and more. You know how important it is for your clients to ensure their compliance and you can help them do this with our cloud solution.

With CPU As Your Cloud Partner, Your Reputation With Your Clients Will Shine

When looking for a CSP, it’s important to choose one that has invested efforts and capital into building a highly resilient, scalable cloud infrastructure you can be proud to offer. Your reputation is at stake, and you need the best solution and service you can find without breaking the bank.

CPU will be a Cloud Provider you can rely on. We will align our services with your business strategy and provide the high-level business and technical support that you expect.

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