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If Your CSP Is Compromised – You May Be Too!

The National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) is warning about multiple reports of advanced persistent threat (APT) actors actively exploiting trust relationships in information technology (IT) service provider networks around the world.

If your CSP has APTs in their network it can have globally cascading effects and infect your IT infrastructure.

As a result, you could be in violation of spreading APTs to your customers!

If this happens… you can say goodbye to your MSP business.

How well do you know your CSP?…

Don’t assume that they have this covered.

If you use a large Cloud Service Provider, can they ensure these APTs haven’t infected their systems and won’t infect yours? …

Do they practice defense-in-depth strategies like CPU Inc. does and that the NCCIC advises?

CPU Inc. knows that our network is free of APTs and other threats. You can trust us for complete security.

As A CSP Customer What Can You Do?

The resources below provides a foundational reference point to aid CSP customers with the risks and challenges associated with using commercial cloud environments.

How Can You Help Your Customers?

They must deploy defense-in-depth strategies to protect their IT infrastructures. You can direct them to the products and resources below for information to educate them about this:

Don’t Trust Your Security To Any Cloud Service Provider. If You Do You Could Be Infecting Your Customers With APTs!

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