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Then You Should Look To The Cloud

The other day I got to thinking about leadership and how effective leadership and cloud services go together. I know this isn’t something that you probably think about often as I do. However, for me, this is an important topic. When I escape to the nearest café to take a break, I usually spend time pondering this.

Here are some things that I think about:

  • Where is business going today?
  • How are today’s leaders evolving?
  • What role does the Cloud play in leadership?

After a while, my “light bulb” goes on.

Yes!… The Cloud and leadership are very intertwined. Yes!… The Cloud can help leaders. Effective leadership today needs the Cloud.

But how?

Well,… I wish I had this totally figured out for you, but I don’t. This is one of the joys of leadership. As a leader, your thoughts are always evolving. And when you finally think you have everything figured out… Boom! Something changes and you need to stop and regroup your thoughts yet again.

The Cloud & Leadership

Business owners face many challenges throughout the day. But some of us deal with them in silence. Here’s what we ask ourselves:

  • Are we good enough to run this company?
  • Are the decisions we make going to help Sally in packing do a better job?

Yes – lots of questions and lots of uncertainty.

But where does the Cloud come in with all of this?

Online Tools & Applications

The Cloud is full of great applications that leaders can use to run their companies effectively.

A few of my personal favorites are:

Traction Tools: If you’re not familiar with Traction and EOS, go out and get Gino Wickman’s book called Traction. There are online tools that can help you follow the principles taught in Traction such as:

  • Aligning your team,
  • Holding managers accountable,
  • Ensuring critical items are being dealt with, and
  • Keeping everyone on the same wavelength.

Microsoft Office 365: Who isn’t familiar with Microsoft? What most business professionals don’t know about Microsoft Office 365 is the massive amount of software and services that it offers. Many of my peers aren’t aware of Microsoft Teams, Bookings, Delve and the many other applications that Office 365 provides. These tools help business owners enhance communication, track company performance and much more.

MailChimp: Every business needs a marketing automation platform and a reliable way to communicate with their prospects and clients. In addition, you need to see the health of your sales pipeline at any time. Keeping your eye on your sales pipeline is crucial, and MailChimp offers a platform to track communicate effectively with your clients, customers, prospects and others.

Do You Need A Strategic Cloud Partner?

The Cloud and leadership are closely connected. There are many applications and services that business leaders can take advantage of. Our team at CPU is here to help business professionals with their cloud technologies.

Looking for a great partner? Let’s connect and see how we can help.


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