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Why Should Your Legal Clients Move To a Private Cloud?

Your legal clients have heard about the Cloud, but do they realize all the benefits they can receive from it? To get their arms around this concept isn’t always easy. So we’ve listed some of these benefits that you can share with them. When you do, and they ask for your help to migrate their IT to a private cloud, your MSP business will benefit as well. Let’s take a look at how your MSP business will benefit from moving legal clients to a private cloud.

  • Increase monthly recurring revenue: After moving your legal clients to the cloud, you’ll need to provide continual management and support, which means you can increase your monthly cost. You can also cross-sell other cloud applications and offer add-on services.
  • Enhance client retention rates: You’re able to customize the cloud service to fit your legal client’s unique needs – from enhanced collaboration to increased storage and everything in between. This allows you to better retain that legal client as your solution grows to suit their requirements.
  • Prevent other IT companies from taking their business: Almost every IT company nowadays is pushing the cloud, which means your legal client is likely hearing about the cloud and all the wonderful things it does from another IT company. If you’re not the one to migrate them, someone else will.
  • Minimize the amount of support required: On-premises technology requires a lot more hands-on support than the cloud does. Plus, your technicians can become fully-versed in the use of one service rather than multiple – speeding up resolution times.

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As For Your Legal Clients, They’ll Gain the Following Benefits…

  • No worries about IT interruptions and downtime. With you managing their IT via the Cloud, you can detect issues and remediate them before they cause problems. Their staff can stay productive, and their IT secure. Explain how monitoring their technology remotely via the Cloud will ensure reliability, security and keep their IT functioning.
  • They’ll save money. Servers are not only expensive, but they require a great deal of maintenance which can be costly. This, along with backup hardware, software and battery backups require cash outlays that are better spent investing in their practice. A private cloud can replace their server, removing the worry, maintenance, repair, and backups because you will be doing this for them behind the scenes. And they can pay for your services on a monthly basis and save their capital to grow their law firms.
  • They’ll get the support they need for practice management software. Attorneys who use software programs like Time Matters, PCLaw, ProLaw, Tabs3, and Worldox, need expert assistance from time to time. By using a legal-centric private cloud platform, they’ll have the ready support and assistance they need from the private cloud support team. When software is hosted and supported by a single team, getting the help they need will be so much easier.
  • They can work from anywhere, on any device. They won’t be limited to a single desktop, laptop computer or tied to their desks. In years past, lawyers had to save their work on-premises. Now, with a private cloud, they can access their files from any computer, anywhere they have an internet connection. The cloud-based software applications they use will also be available because they’ll be working from a virtual desktop in the Cloud.
  • They’ll gain enhanced security. Cloud systems are built with security in mind. With Managed Security via the Cloud, you can conduct routine and remote security scans, penetration and vulnerability testing and other security management processes to ensure 24/7 cybersecurity. Explain that you can provide the security they need with:
    • Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) that identifies, monitors, records, and analyzes security events in real-time.
    • Intrusion Detection Systems to automatically alert when someone or something is trying to compromise their information system through malicious activities or security policy violations.
    • Intrusion Protection Systems that monitor network traffic and take action when an incident occurs based on prescribed rules.
    • Managed Enterprise-Grade Firewalls to block unauthorized access and unauthorized Web users or illicit software from gaining access to their network.
    • Managed Antivirus Solutions that detect, prevent, and remove viruses, worms, malware and new threats from infecting their computers.
    • SSAE16 / SOC annual audits and compliance management.
    • A data center with physical access controls and military-grade encryption.
    • Mobile Device Monitoring that can wipe business data from mobile devices if they are lost or stolen.
    • Vulnerability Testing to assess the security strength of their network. It locates the vulnerabilities and security gaps that can compromise the overall security, privacy and operations of their network.
    • Cloud Backups for a safe and reliable way to make sure that data will be there when they need it. The Cloud is also more secure than some other forms of storage. Plus, if a disaster occurs in their office (fire, flood, etc.), they’ll always have access to their data in the Cloud.
  • They’ll have a centralized system for enhanced collaboration. Their document and case management software, accounting programs, email, etc. will all be housed in one central location. When everything is located in a private cloud, their team can work collaboratively. No matter where they are or what device they’re using, their users can easily share files, and co-author files in real-time. Everyone can contribute or edit a particular document, case file, presentation or anything else and they’ll see the edits as they occur. No more emailing files back and forth, or wondering which is the latest version. With direct access to files and real-time collaboration, their staff will always have online and offline access with automatic syncing, so everyone stays on the same page.
  • They can get off of that “bad” cloud. Not all clouds are created equal. Perhaps your client hasn’t done their due diligence when looking for cloud providers. They may have launched into the Cloud on their own but found that it’s not what’s best for their purposes. Do they know that many cloud service providers:
    • May be backing up their data outside the U.S. creating data sovereignty issues?
    • Aren’t legal-focused, and lack the expertise they need?
    • Place their cloud with a public cloud service?
    • Don’t have the cybersecurity systems and processes they require?
    • Don’t provide adequate support?
    • Lock them into long-term contracts
  • They’ll have the best of both worlds. Web-based applications still don’t provide what many server-based/desktop-based apps do. Applications like Tabs3, Time Matters, ProLaw, PCLaw and Worldox function more robustly than their web-based counterparts. However, your legal clients need the mobility, reliability and accessibility that cloud-based applications provide. With a private cloud, they’ll have the functionally of server-based software and the freedom, security and streamlined practice of the Cloud. And they can work with both Macs and PCs. A private cloud system will allow them to work in a virtual desktop setting from any computer, Mac or PC; the best of both worlds.

Your MSP Business Will Benefit When You Move Your Legal Clients To The Cloud

When you explain all the benefits of a private cloud, your legal clients will thank you. They’ll realize that they need your expertise and guidance to ensure they use the Cloud correctly and gain the most benefits from the services they pay for.

You’ll not only capture and maintain your clients’ services, but you’ll also increase your share of the cloud services market while providing efficiency and value that enhances your reputation. You’ll get more word-of-mouth referrals and you can grow your MSP business. The private cloud is a win-win for your legal clients and for you!

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