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How Are MSPs Responding to COVID-19?

The rise of remote work has created a higher demand for MSPs that can build out business continuity plans incorporating collaboration tools, cloud solutions, and cybersecurity measures.

We’ve all been forced to adapt to new ways of living, working, and connecting during the coronavirus pandemic. Even as we’re starting to see lockdowns lifted throughout virtually all of the states, most organizations are still embracing the new normal: a hybrid of remote and in-office work. So what are MSPs doing in response to the coronavirus pandemic? And better yet, what will MSPs need to do going forward?

MSP challenges

Many MSPs have had a busy past couple of months setting their clients up for remote work. Going forward, it’ll continue to be busy as organizations:

  • Outsource some or all of their information technology requirements to cut costs
  • Embrace a hybrid environment that allows for in-office and remote work
  • Deal with potential data loss and/or malware infections due to unsafe remote work

Naturally, many organizations will continue to require remote work capabilities while transitioning some employees back to the office. But MSPs will have to pay close attention to any devices returning to the workplace. Unfortunately, many organizations took an ad-hoc approach to remote work – resulting in outdated or unprotected devices accessing corporate resources.

MSPs will have to set-up some type of quarantine situation for devices returning to the workplace – ensuring those devices are wiped clean of any potential malware. Also, MSPs will have to be prepared to resolve issues with less hands-on, more creative approaches. If you’ve been limiting onsite visits, you’re not alone.

Most MSPs have suspended non-critical office visits, and it’s going to be a slow transition back to regular onsite work. This means it’ll be necessary to opt for user-friendly guides, more remote support, and using collaboration tools of your own to walk clients through the process for resolving simple issues.

Do you have the cloud solutions necessary to help your clients expand their remote workforces?

Lastly, MSPs will play a unique role in expanding remote workforces. Many organizations will opt for hiring remote employees and continuing to keep most of their staff at home when possible. This means MSPs must have the right cloud solutions for ensuring clients have any time, anywhere access to:

  • Applications
  • Data
  • Phone systems
  • Desktops
  • And more

MSPs should also be prepared with their collaboration tools – from phones to email to chat to video conferencing and everything in between. After all, we’ll be maintaining some degree of social distancing for the foreseeable future.

Let’s discuss how your MSP can take advantage of the latest in cloud technology to keep up with the increased demand in a post-coronavirus pandemic world. Call (866) 883-8836 to get started.

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