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Growing up, I was a closet wrestling fan… Yes, me.

I loved tuning in on a Saturday afternoon to watch the then WWF (World Wrestling Foundation) now the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.).

After the name change I started to lose interest, but before that, I was glued to the television set in our living room for an hour each and every Saturday.

Yes,… I now understand that those matches were staged. I won’t call them fake because many of those falls and “flying elbows” were real, and for some caused real damage later in life. Wrestling for me was the ultimate escape from reality.

What did professional and even amateur wrestling teach me about business?

There were a few lessons that I can relate to now. The biggest one is the need to have a tag team partner in life and business.

When it comes to running a business, partners who are in your corner are worth their weight in gold. But, unfortunately, there are a few heals,… you know, the bad partner that masquerades as the good guy to win your approval, and when your trust is up, and guard is down, hits you over the back of the head with that steel chair.

Let’s focus on the great tag team business partners.

In wrestling, we had the Hart Foundation, The Rockers, and even Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage before the mega-powers exploded in WrestleMania V. True partnerships are a win-win for everyone involved. There are egos that can get in the way of success or the one person who wants the spotlight more than the other.

Your business needs a tag team partner you can trust and rely on. There’s no doubt that many of the companies out there have reliable partners and key relationships with “more than just vendors.”

When it comes to the Cloud, organizations from managed IT service providers, to accounting firms and small law practices need to have a cloud tag team partner.

Sure you may be able to fend off all the interested parties by yourself for a while. But soon the cracks in your ability to service your clients will start to show. This is when you must tag your cloud partner to make sure everything, at least cloud wise, is taken care of.

CPU has learned many valuable lessons with business relationships, and we’ve had our share of tag team partners over the years. We want to be your trusted championship partner and win the belts together for everyone involved – you, your clients and us.

Let’s create that win-win-win relationship and become champions together.

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