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Give Your Clients The Cloud Data Backup Solution They Need

What’s the most beneficial component of the cloud? Given its novelty, it may seem impulsive or even dangerous to entrust your clients’ sensitive data to the cloud, but when configured correctly and with the proper security, cloud services from CPU, Inc. will provide you and your clients with an optimal backup solution.

Conventional backup solutions present a number of risks and issues for small to medium-sized businesses like your clients, including:

  • Conventional tape storage can’t keep up with the exorbitant amount of data used by companies today.
  • Regular onsite storage is treated as a capital expenditure, whereas a cloud solution is operational, a much easier expenditure to budget, gain approval for, and manage.
  • The costs associated with data loss are simply too great for most businesses to deal with and often result in bankruptcy.

Regardless of the many potential causes of data loss — power outages, cyber attacks, hardware issues, and human error –, it’s the end result that matter most to your customers. Lost data means more work and more delays, all of which will affect their bottom line.

Partner With CPU, Inc. for Cloud Backup

Ensuring that your mission-critical customer data and systems have a full and accessible backup in the cloud is one of the first steps in creating an actionable plan for recovery. Benefits of cloud-based backup include:

  • Affordability: Your end customers will save money that would otherwise be spent on hardware and data centers.
  • Rapid Recovery: Get your clients’ businesses back up and running in a matter of hours after an emergency event.
  • Flexibility: Configure the cloud backup to work when and how, for specific areas of your clients’ business as needed – you can even make changes in real time.
  • Compliance Support: A reliable backup solution is an integral part of your clients’ compliance with industry regulations.

What are you waiting for? With your clients’ applications and data stored in the cloud, you’ll ensure they always have secure, easy access to backups of their essential resources.

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