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Equip Your Clients With The Cloud AND Stay Compliant

The margin for error in business is razor-thin when it comes to compliance and data security. Especially in light of the nation’s compliance regulations — FINRA, HIPAA, PCI-DSS and more — it’s more important than ever for your clients to ensure their compliance practices are up to snuff.

The fact is that as technology changes, so do the industry and the regulations that govern it for your clients. Whether they have to stay compliant with PCI, HIPAA, or another set of strict regulations, they need the right technology to help them keep up with changing regulations.

The Cloud Will Keep Your Clients Compliant

CPU, Inc. will partner with you to deliver the cloud services your clients really need. Instead of having to constantly invest in new technologies and make drastic changes to their business to stay compliant, you can deliver cloud services to your end customers that give them the flexibility they need to maintain their compliance.

  • Flexible Security: Adopting and implementing new cybersecurity practices and data storage policies is easy to do with the cloud. By hosting your clients’ data in a well-managed and maintained data center, their compliance is managed in part by the CPU, Inc. team of compliance experts.
  • Keep Line of Business Tech Up To Date: Furthermore, as more and more of your clients’ day-to-day operations depend on a growing range of line of business software and applications that need to properly integrate in order to be effective, it will only become more difficult to keep their legacy technology in line with vital, newer and more advanced technology. The right cloud services will take care of that for you and your clients.

Are you still relying on outdated industry methods to keep your clients’ data safe and maintain compliance? Join the future of the business community today by choosing us as your partner in cloud compliance.

We’re proud to offer cloud solutions that support a range of compliance needs:

  • HIPAA and HITECH: We will help you maintain the security and integrity of your healthcare clients’ ePHI, helping them to avoid fines and other severe consequences.
  • PCI-DSS: Our cloud services will allow you to defend your clients against attacks and threats that would expose their customers’ private payment card data.

  • SOX: In addition to keeping their financial data secure, our team of cloud compliance experts will also assist with regular audits, ensuring that any necessary information is collected easily and accurately.

Don’t let your end customers risk non-compliance – partner with CPU, Inc. to deliver totally compliant cloud solutions. Get in touch with us at (877) 373-8808 or to get started.

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