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CPU, Inc. Offers Reliability, Interoperability & Redundancy

CPU provides complete geographic coverage, and a turn-key hosted infrastructure enabling you to focus on your business needs. Your Cloud Hosting Services will be housed in 6 geographically diverse data centers:

  1. Austin, Texas
  2. Lenoir, North Carolina
  3. Manhattan, New York
  4. Secaucus, New Jersey
  5. Santa Clara, California
  6. San Jose, California

Cloud Services For Managed Service Providers

We Protect Your Data Like It’s Our Own

Our Data Centers Provide The Highest-Security & Physical Protection You Can Find

  • IP-DVR Cameras and Perimeter Fencing – Our data center facilities are secured by perimeter fencing with 360-degree-view IP-DVR cameras.
  • Multiple and Diverse Utility Feeds – Multiple feeds provide a completely redundant and continually operating facility that has a secure private environment.
  • Biometrically Scanners & Card Readers – All entrances and many locations throughout our data centers require the use of a personalized security badge and fingerprint scanner.
  • Mantrap Entries – All of our data centers employ mantrap or double mantrap entries in order to strictly maintain the flow of people through entry points.
  • Air-Side Economization – In geographies with suitable temperature and humidity conditions, air-side economizers pull colder outside air into the facility for cooling purposes, rather than using recirculated mechanically-cooled air from inside the data center.
  • Water-Side Economizers – These use the evaporative cooling capacity of a cooling tower to produce chilled water during colder months, rather than utilizing chillers.
  • Hot/Cold Aisle Containment – All of our facilities deploy cabinet lineups in hot- and cold-aisle configurations so hot exhaust air and cold intake air remain isolated from one another.
  • Redundant & Diverse Paths To The Internet – Redundancy is essential. If you have a single point of failure and it fails you, then you have nothing to rely on. This won’t happen with our data centers.
  • Power Protection & Generators – If the power goes out, our data centers keep running.
  • Bandwidth Provided By Major Tier-1 Carriers – A Tier-1 Carrier has a direct connection to the Internet and the networks it uses to deliver voice and data services.
  • Connectivity Provided By 5 Diverse Fiber Operators – The largest data connections on the Internet.
  • Fire Detection & Suppression Systems – Fire protection systems include fire alarms, automatic fire detection, and automatic fire suppression systems that extinguish fires without human intervention.
  • Storage Distribution Across Multiple Datacenters – Utilizes a unique Network Connected-Error Correction Code with High-Efficiency and Resilience.
  • An Infrastructure Using Cisco Compute Hosts, Routers and Switches – Allows us to scale service delivery and simplify requirements for data center setup, management, power, cooling, and cabling.

Our Data Centers provide 99.99% reliability with 24/7 monitoring services. Security is number one on our priority list so we ensure our data centers are the best you can find anywhere in the world.

Cloud Services for MSPs

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