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"After partnering with one of the big CSPs and finding their support to be non-existent, CPU gave us the peace of mind we were looking for."

“They have been there whenever we have needed them and offered top-notch support. They have allowed us to expand and grow our Cloud services offering more than we ever imagined.”


Jonathan Mabo, Evolve IT Solutions


CPU allowed us to offload the heavy lifting of offering cloud services so our techs can focus on what is most important, our customers.

“"Doing this has allowed us to grow our business over 25% in the last year." ”


William Kistner, The Kistner Group


"We thought that partnering with one of the big CSPs would give us the best margins to be able to compete in the Cloud space."

“However we quickly found out that we could not be competitive with their pricing. CPU has allowed us to compete and win deal after deal.”


Bruce Bingham, B&B IT Solutions


"Partnering with CPU was the best thing we ever did."

“They just get what we need - great margins, great support and a staff that really cares about my company and my customers.”


Kevin Strat, Red Door Consulting


"CPU Support exceed the support we previously received from any of our other partners"

“CPU Support exceed the support we previously received from any of our other partners, and I think that is one of the reasons we are so comfortable with them.”


Josh Patton, GPU Tech Systems


"Being a CPU Partner has increased our ability to deliver outstanding applications to meet our clients’ expectations of limitless scalability and greatly-reduced downtime."

“CPU empowers our team to build bigger, better, faster applications that take our customers’ business to the next level.”


Mark Milan, AppWorks

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