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Is your MSP just making ends meet?


After a few years in business, MSPs like yours expect to do more than cover their costs. It’s no longer about being “profitable enough” — you want to gain momentum and achieve greater success year after year.  

Doing so means accruing consistent and growing recurring revenue.

Today, Jeanne DeWitt share tips to help you do just that:

4 Ways For MSPs To Boost Recurring Revenue

    1. Sell Benefits, Not Technology: You need to realize that clients don’t care about the technology you’re trying to sell them — they care about what it will do for them.

      Instead of just pitching an IT solution, tell them how it will impact their business. Will it increase user productivity, control costs, reduce risks or downtime, accelerate order processing, etc.?

      Give your clients expert advice as to which platforms they should implement or integrate, how to navigate public vs. private clouds, security, mobility, and so on.

      By offering more than technology, you’re not only adding value beyond infrastructure sales and support, you’re also setting up a business model that allows your customers to see you as an integral part of their existing and growing revenue stream.

  • Know Your Limits: The Managed Services umbrella covers a lot of different services and solutions. You and your team won’t be experts with everything.

    Take the cloud, for example. It requires a lot of skill to deliver direct cloud solutions to clients (not to mention a major investment in infrastructure). Instead of trying to do all of that by yourself, you can take advantage of a partner program that offers support for both you and/or your customers plus Managed Services for more complex operations. You choose the type of model that best fits your customer’s situation and you decide the role you want to play in accomplishing it.

    1. Market, Market, Market: It doesn’t matter what you’re offering, at what price, or to what ends if no one knows about you. You need to either invest in developing an active and robust internal marketing and sales department or outsource to a managed marketing company that can handle it for you.

  • Choose The Right Cloud Provider: With as popular as the cloud has become in the last decade, you can’t afford to sell your clients short with anything less than the best offering. 

    There are many well-established companies selling the cloud right now. What’s the most important feature to consider when you choose your provider? Reliability. When you find a reliable provider, you offer peace of mind to yourself and your customers.

CPU, Inc. Will Help You Achieve Explosive Recurring Revenue

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