MSPs Must Prepare for the New Normal

The spread of coronavirus has changed life as we know it, and for businesses, remote work has become essential to continuing operations. But now, we’re seeing various states start lifting lockdowns.

So what does this mean? Will businesses rush back into the office or continue to embrace remote work? Well, from what we’ve seen, it’ll be some sort of hybrid with most companies planning to have some employees in the office while others work from home. This allows them to benefit from having the best of both worlds while maintaining social distancing.

What’s going to change with reopenings?

As businesses reopen their doors and embrace a hybrid approach with some employees in the office while others work from home, we’re bound to see some interesting changes:

  • More masks, hand sanitizer, and physical distancing
  • Reconfigured workspaces
  • More touchless equipment
  • Limits on the number of people in the office

But most of all, many organizations will be transitioning from internal to outsourced technology departments. Why? Because cutting costs will be integral during the economic downturn we’re facing. Outsourcing ensures:

  • Costs associated with managing technology are reduced with no need to pay salaries, benefits, and more.
  • Systems, processes, and procedures are set-up properly with the resources needed to ensure business contingency.
  • Ongoing support continues with access to an entire team of professionals as opposed to relying on a small team.

MSPs must be prepared for an influx of interest from local businesses, and in addition, MSPs must be prepared for businesses having different requirements as we enter a new state of normal. This includes reconfiguring workspaces, incorporating touchless equipment – from hand dryers to door openers, and of course, keeping some of their workforce remote to maintain social distancing.

Right now, it’s more important than ever before to become a strategic advisor. This means finding resources for touchless equipment, personal protective gear like gloves and sanitizer, and of course, cloud solutions that offer anytime, anywhere access to data, applications, and systems.

Are you prepared to offer cloud solutions?

If you’re not offering cloud solutions to help those you serve work remotely, it’s time to start. Your clients will need the ability to pick up and head home in an instant – while still maintaining access – whenever necessary. Ready to take advantage of the new normal? Let’s discuss how you can position yourself and your business as the leader in technology services for the markets you serve.

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Is Your Managed Services Business Ready for the New Normal?

The COVID-19 Pandemic forced a lot of companies to change the way they do business. Has your business adapted to the new normal?

Preparing for the Post-Coronavirus Demands of CFOs

We’ve all felt the overwhelming impact of the coronavirus pandemic, especially MSPs who needed to rush to transition their clients to remote work on short notice. But over the past couple of months, organizations that once planned on working remotely temporarily are starting to require more permanent strategies. This means that “good enough” will no longer be good enough.

A look at what CFOs are planning for the future

Gartner surveyed 317 CFOs and found that although lockdowns are in the process of lifting, CFOs don’t plan to rush their teams back into the office:

● 74% of CFOs plan to move previously on-premises employees to remote work post-coronavirus

● 81% of CFOs plan to exceed their contractual obligations to hourly workers through remote work to offer flexible schedules

● 13% of CFOs have already cut real estate expenses, with another 9% planning to do the same

What does this mean for your managed services business?

The key takeaway? Remote work isn’t going anywhere, at least not any time soon. This means as an MSP, it’s time to start helping your clients embrace remote work in the most secure, productive way. If you’re not providing a range of cloud solutions, it’s time to start. The cloud promotes a level of flexibility and agility that’s simply not possible with on-premises technology, especially in today’s day and age, where we’re all working remotely.

CFOs will be looking to accommodate a drastic influx of remote workers without spending a ton of money, which means cloud computing is the ideal solution as employees can use their own devices to access:

  • Data
  • Applications
  • Systems
  • Storage
  • And more

How can you become a cloud service provider?

Our partner program allows MSPs to become cloud service providers without the hassle of launching a cloud solution – from the maintenance to the lifetime management and everything in between. We have the systems in place to let you resell our cloud services to your clients, including:

  • Cloud-hosted desktops
  • Infrastructure-as-a-service
  • Cloud-hosted PBX systems
  • Cloud data backup solutions
  • Secure cloud file storage
  • Compliance in the cloud

You’re able to meet the evolving requirements of your clients while increasing your monthly recurring revenue. Our partner program doesn’t require any commitments or costs. There are no sales quotas to meet or contracts to sign.

Your client’s requirements are changing

As your client’s demands change, keeping up can be difficult. Working with us, however, you’ll be able to keep pace with your client’s requirements easily.

We’ll bill you according to our pricing structure, and then you can set your margins and decide what price to bill your customers. We provide continuous, around-the-clock support to you – an important feature to note as you’ll likely be transitioning many clients to the cloud in a short time span.

The cloud allows your clients to thrive, despite working from home. They can stay productive and cut costs due to:

  1. Built-in disaster recovery capabilities, including the ability to recover files that are accidentally lost or deleted while collaborating with other co-workers
  2. Comprehensive security measures, including encryption and around-the-clock monitoring, to prevent hackers from accessing sensitive information
  3. Lower costs associated with owning, maintaining, and supporting a complex on-premises infrastructure
  4. Greater flexibility with the ability to synchronize across computers, tablets, laptops, and mobile devices

Let’s discuss how your MSP can take advantage of the latest in cloud technology to keep up with the increased demand in a post-coronavirus pandemic world. Call (866) 883-8836 to get started.

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The Coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to reevaluate the way they do things. Are you prepared for the changes that follow?