The Key to Keeping Other MSPs From Stealing Your Clients

In the information technology industry, customer service is a vital part of gathering and keeping your clients. If you’re not taking great care of your clients, you’re bound to be at risk of losing them to another MSP. But don’t fall into the mindset that being personable and responsive is enough. It’s about more than great customer service nowadays.

What do we mean?

Well, many industry experts are noticing a major shift in spending from on-premises infrastructure to cloud-based infrastructure. Just take a look at these interesting statistics:

  • 90% of companies are already using some type of cloud service
  • 77% of enterprises have at least one application or a part of it in the cloud
  • 60% of companies use the cloud to store confidential data

Technology is evolving at an incredible rate, and for many organizations, it’s imperative to keep up with advancements – moving to the cloud for greater flexibility, fewer costs associated with upgrading when systems become antiquated, and of course, the ability to access data and applications from any device or location.

How Cloud Services Can Keep Other MSPs From Stealing Your Clients

What Happens To MSPs That Don’t Offer Cloud Services?

Most MSPs are starting to embrace the cloud because it’s an inevitable move. Unfortunately, your long-term clients will likely start asking for cloud services – if they haven’t already – in the very near future, especially as more and more organizations start transitioning some or all of their employees to remote work. If you’re not selling cloud services to your clients, what happens?

Well, in the simplest terms, another MSP will. Virtually all businesses will move to the cloud. Whether they’ve already started adopting the cloud or they’re not even thinking about the cloud, they will inevitably move to the cloud at some point. This is simply the way the world is heading. Businesses need the cloud for benefits on-premises technology simply can’t offer:

  • Anytime, anywhere access to data and applications
  • More scalability in terms of adding users, storage, and more
  • Less ongoing costs associated with upgrading, maintenance, etc.
  • Greater ability to leverage the latest and greatest without upfront costs

Although some MSPs are hesitant on selling the cloud because they’re not prepared or they don’t think it’s relevant yet, the thing is, your clients will be looking for cloud services. It’s up to you to act as a trusted advisor and be prepared BEFORE they are. Start talking to your clients about the cloud, which means discussing the benefits, challenges, and decisions they need to consider before moving to the cloud.

The key is to act as a thought-leader that lets them know about the power of the cloud. Remind them of the importance of moving to the cloud BEFORE others in their industry do, so they can thank you for the competitive edge.

Do You Need A Cloud Partner?

CPU’s cloud partner program doesn’t require any commitment or cost. You simply resell our cloud services as your own to increase your monthly recurring revenue. You become the trusted advisor to your clients while we back you up wherever needed – offering the resources, marketing materials, and support you need.

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How Cloud Services Can Keep Other MSPs From Stealing Your Clients

Discover the key to preventing other MSPs from stealing your clients. Get in touch with CPU and schedule a consultation.

How An MSP Sales Challenges Can Help Them Achieve Growth And Success

When an MSP grows, they face an important choice… Should you continue to handle sales on your own, as the owner of the business, or should you hire a salesperson or team to handle them for you? Although hiring salespeople is a risky investment, many MSPs find it’s a crucial investment because the owner simply can’t handle it on their own anymore. Therefore, it’s a necessary step to achieving long-term growth and success in the marketplace.

Virtually all MSPs, regardless of size or location, are aiming to increase monthly recurring revenue clients. You’re in the business of sales first and foremost. But there are significant challenges involved with hiring and maintaining a sales team to ensure they have clear processes in terms of:

  • Finding qualified leads
  • Standing out amongst competitors
  • Ensuring a high level of customer service
  • Handling administrative tasks outside of the office
  • Maintaining relationships post-sale
  • Keeping track of meetings and/or appointments
  • And much more

On the bridge side, there is value and insight to be found in the challenges you, as an MSP, face when it comes to hiring and maintaining a sales team. As you’re already aware, there’s actually a lot more work than simply selling a product or service in the sales world. Your sales team does a lot more than that. They spend time prospecting, driving from appointment to appointment, updating records with relevant information, and much more.

MSPs Can Achieve Growth And Success with Sales Challenges

You Know The Challenges Salespeople Face Because You’ve Seen Them Firsthand, So What Workarounds Have You Found Effective?

You know the challenges salespeople face because you’ve seen them in your own managed services business. You’ve likely found workarounds, given your technology expertise, to address your own sales challenges. Perhaps you’re automating follow-up after a certain number of days or using the cloud to stay connected while traveling. So how do you use this knowledge to your advantage?

It’s quite simple, really… Target businesses with outside sales teams. Talk to them about your own challenges and what workarounds you’ve found to be effective. If you’re anything like most MSPs, you’re likely leveraging cloud-based services to handle a lot of the challenges associated with sales. Use this knowledge to your advantage.

CPU, Inc. was an MSP before. We know the challenges MSPs face and we connect with our prospects on a level that many cloud providers simply can’t accomplish. I urge you to adopt the same mindset and use your own experiences, insight, and knowledge to your advantage. The MSPs thriving in marketing and sales are the ones using the solutions they’re recommending: cloud-based CRM software, productivity tools, and other remote access solutions.

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How MSPs Can Achieve Growth And Success With Sales Challenges

MSPs know sales challenges all too well. After all, hiring salespeople is a crucial investment in terms of achieving long-term business growth and success.