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Before you call us, check out many of the top questions people ask us when they are looking for a Cloud Provider.

Why Buy From CPU And Not From Amazon or Microsoft?

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CPU, Inc. Offers Reliability, Interoperability & Redundancy

CPU provides complete geographic coverage, and a turn-key hosted infrastructure enabling you to focus on your business needs. Your Cloud Hosting Services will be housed in 6 geographically diverse data centers:

  • HIPPA Compliant
  • ISO Certified
  • DSS

Your Clients Are Asking For The Cloud...

Now Your Managed Services Company Can Deliver Reliable, Scalable And Secure Cloud Solutions Backed By Real People Offering You The Support You Need.

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The cloud presents many opportunities to increase your MRR for MSPs and independent software vendors (ISVs).
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"After partnering with one of the big CSPs and finding their support to be non-existent, CPU gave us the peace of mind we were looking for."

“They have been there whenever we have needed them and offered top-notch support. They have allowed us to expand and grow our Cloud services offering more than we ever imagined.”

J Jonathan Mabo, Evolve IT Solutions

CPU allowed us to offload the heavy lifting of offering cloud services so our techs can focus on what is most important, our customers.

“"Doing this has allowed us to grow our business over 25% in the last year." ”

W William Kistner, The Kistner Group

"We thought that partnering with one of the big CSPs would give us the best margins to be able to compete in the Cloud space."

“However we quickly found out that we could not be competitive with their pricing. CPU has allowed us to compete and win deal after deal.”

B Bruce Bingham, B&B IT Solutions

It's Only When We Give What We Hold As Most Valuable, That We Can Understand The True Worth Of What We Receive

Our team members are way more than just talented, friendly voices or visitors to your office offering help. We're just like you, we care about things beyond the workplace, we have dreams and our own set of needs. We are mothers and fathers, siblings, sons and daughters, grandchildren and grandparents and significant others to those we care about most. We have goals of doing our absolute best for everyone, including our community.

To show our appreciation for many years of success, we have begun giving back to the community, initially through our One Tree Planted program, an initiative to plant one tree for every contract, new and renewed, indefinitely. Through this community involvement, we see great progress in sharing the knowledge of who we are as real people. It helps every one of us see each other in a different light, know each other better and in getting closer to the community we serve. It creates a very strong bond between the CPU, Inc team and the people we meet who are working towards a stronger community. This serves our goal of also building a tight and special bond among our staff members... all of which results in getting back far more than we give.