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How Will 5G Technology Affect MSPs & Cloud Services?

When You Combine 5G Technology And The Cloud, What Do You Get? MSP’s Seeing A Greater Potential To Tap Into Markets Or Industries That Need More Than Just Storage Space…

As a savvy MSP decision-maker, you are always looking for multiple and profitable ways to offer your cloud services to new markets. Last season, you were focused more on your regional market, offering cloud-based backup services.

Now, with the introduction of 5G technology and the expanding cloud provider tool kits, like CPU offers, this season looks more promising. And you’ve decided to expand and go nationally with hosted servers, hosted emails, and hosted VoIP services.

Will 5G technology Force MSPs To Change Sales Models?

In the technology space, change is constant. You know it, and I know it. Do you remember back in 2007 when the first 1TB external hard drive got introduced? Now, the MSP looks to the cloud partner, like CPU, for unlimited storage space and cloud tools to offer additional cloud services to clients.

Fortunately, with 5G technology, an MSP’s sales model will need to change if they want to take advantage of the momentum in the market. The demand right now from your clients to purchase more cloud solutions will only increase.

With that increase, combining fast bandwidth with high frequency, you will go beyond merely supplying cloud services. The discussion about wireless networking capabilities becomes another opportunity to look at new markets and tap your cloud partner for additional tools and solutions.

How Will 5G Technology Advance Cloud Services?

When an MSP begins investing and selling cloud services, they quickly see a boost in revenue, causing their organization to grow. The reason for this, there is an ongoing demand for transitioning an organization from on-premises servers to cloud servers.

When that same firm drops 5G technology into the mix, internal workflows intensifies. Cloud-dependent applications will see speed improvement, increased service reliability, data transfers flowing uninterrupted, and an MSP’s client base getting an experience like no other.

Is Your Cloud Partner Ready For The High Demand That’s Coming?

No one needs to tell you to get ready for the increased demand for cloud computing on the horizon. Whether it’s from the influx of remote workers and 5G technology evolution, CPU, Inc. offers our cloud partner program to proactive MSPs. Our partnership gives you access to our entire suite of cloud solutions, as well as configuration support, white labeling capabilities, wholesale pricing, and more.

Call me at (866) 883-8836, and let’s continue this conversation. We can discuss how your MSP can take full advantage of the cloud to serve your clients better.

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