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7 Ways to Effectively Sell Cloud Services

Many salespeople working for managed service providers (MSPs) enjoy lucrative and rewarding careers. But there are some who, despite their best efforts, struggle to meet their quota and effectively sell cloud services. When it comes to selling the cloud, success often depends on how you look at the cloud and how you approach the sales process. Most importantly, now is a great time to take advantage of the growth and increasing demand for cloud services.

In a recent InformationWeek article, “Forrester predicts that the cloud market is poised to achieve new heights in the new year. The IT market research firm predicts that the global public cloud infrastructure market will grow 35% to $120 billion in 2021.”

This article will provide tips on selling cloud services to help you and your sales team increase your new business revenue growth.


#1 Use a Consultative Sales Approach

Successful salespeople use a consultative approach to sell cloud services. They listen to customers to understand their business challenges and design cloud-based solutions to address and solve those challenges. Cloud platforms offer a wide range of service offerings, so it is up to the MSP salesperson to guide customers towards the right solution to meet their business needs.

#2 Do Not Focus on Cloud Platforms Features or Product Details

Most small business owners do not have the knowledge or patience to get into the weeds when it comes to cloud services. Successful MSP salespeople avoid technical details and focus on selling business benefits and solutions. The business owner counts on you as a trusted advisor and knows which platform and technologies will meet their needs.

#3 Convey the Business Value and ROI

Business owners want to make reliable purchasing decisions. The consequences of making a wrong decision with cloud services can be serious, so the MSP salesperson needs to present a solid case for improving business value. For instance, recommending online backup services can protect a business against future cybersecurity threats. One useful metric to use is the return-on-investment (ROI) of cloud services. ROI answers the question, “how much value will I get for each dollar spent on a new technology or solution?” Nucleus Research reports in a Forbes TechCouncil article, “Cloud-based solutions are delivering four times the ROI of on-premises solutions.”

#4 Be Patient

The B2B sales process can often take more time than most salespeople like. Making decisions on cloud services may appear to be a simple process. Still, to business owners who invest a significant amount of money into their IT infrastructure, the decision process is not simple. Successful salespeople guide their customers and provide reassurances and proof points along the way to accelerate the sales process. Successful salespeople rely on vendors to back up their recommendations with technical materials and customer testimonials.

#5 Provide a Proof of Concept

It is often difficult to demonstrate the value and ROI of a cloud solution that runs over a long period of time. One way to demonstrate value is by offering a proof of concept in either a short-term project or a limited pilot program. These short-term projects will allow you to demonstrate your expertise and value of the solution. It will also allow you to determine if the customer is a good fit for your business.

#6 Create a Winning Environment for Customers

Creating value and demonstrating ROI does not happen in a short period. It is essential to think of your customer’s lifetime value and not the commission you earn from the initial sale. Long-term customers bring increasing value when they develop into advocates for your business.

#7 Use Cloud Services for MSPs

There are many cloud service platforms on the market. Many MSPs turn to brand-name providers but are often disappointed by the lack of personal attention and support. There is an alternative. CPU, Inc. provides customized, quality cloud services exclusively for MSPs. To learn more about our services, visit our website or call (866) 883-8836 today.

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