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Are you fanatical about your business?  In this article, we get down and dirty about growing a fanatically successful business and share what we’ve learned over the years.

We’ve been studying a great book from Jeb Blount called “Fanatical Prospecting.” It reveals how sales professionals can grow a healthy stream of new business by being fanatical about prospecting.  This book has opened our eyes to how fanatical businesses continue to grow year after year and why others remain stagnant.

How Does The Cloud Play A Role In Fanatical Prospecting?

Let’s talk about the importance of growing a successful culture of sales and marketing and how the Cloud can play a role. There’s no secret that organizations that are fanatical about prospecting continue to outpace their competitors and soar to success.

But how can the Cloud enable your sales and marketing teams to successfully prospect for new business?

The Cloud helps them connect in real time with clients and prospects. Almost every sales CRM and marketing service is now cloud-enabled.  This means that you can use them anywhere you’re located and on any device. This is pure gold to the sales professional when it comes to connecting with clients and prospects.

What Services Are Available In The Cloud To Enable Fanatical Prospecting?

Business Telephone Services. VoIP technologies allow your sales teams to use any device to connect with prospects and have this information recorded in a CRM solution.

In his book, Blout states that there are stats on phone prospecting going back to the early 1990s that show clear trends that contact rates via the phone are raised by 5 percentage points. The fact that so many tele-prospecting companies are springing up is proof alone that prospecting via the phone is worth doing. And, how many prospects could you reach in an 8-hour day over the phone compared to in person?

The telephone is and always has been the most powerful sales prospecting tool. And with a reliable, secure VoIP cloud-based phone, your sales team can call from anywhere at any time, just as if they are at their desks.

Business Email. Today’s email platforms enable sales and marketing teams to communicate using email with clients and prospects, and just like VoIP telephone solutions, have this information recorded in your CRM solution.

Stuart Crawford, MSP Marketing Expert at Ulistic, tells us that if you’re not sending at least one marketing email a week, you won’t get the results you’re looking for.

“Provide something in your emails that your recipients will value.  Otherwise, you’re simply sending spam. Send them a free eBook, invite them to a webinar.  Or send a checklist.  For example: ‘Do these 10 things to prevent a ransomware attack.’”

How to get people to open and click through your emails? With compelling subject lines, perceived trust, and targeted emails. Stuart tells us more here.

Social Channels. Social media has expanded to more than just Facebook and LinkedIn. Today’s real-time chat services like Reddit and Discord allow sales teams to always be on pace with the pulse of the marketplace.

Again, Stuart from Ulistic tells us that:

“Today, an MSP business can’t thrive (and, in some cases, survive) without implementing effective social media marketing techniques. Social media marketing is a cost-effective way to promote your business and reach out to potential clients.”

But you must do it right. Check out this free guide to learn more.

CRM Solutions. Every great company needs a Customer Relationship Management Service.  If you don’t have one, there are lots out there.

According to Jeb Blount, there’s no weapon or tool that is more important or impactful to your long-term income stream than your prospect database. This is what helps you make a living now and in the future. He calls it the golden goose that keeps on giving.

“He says that your cloud-based CRM:

  • Allows you to manage the details and tasks related to many different contacts without having to remember everything.
  • Keeps you organized, manages your pipeline, and saves your deals and relationships from getting derailed. It makes life easier by doing work for you.
  • Allows you to segment and sort your prospect database and build prospecting lists based on any field or group of fields in the database. This makes you exponentially more effective and efficient in your prospecting activities.
  • Helps you systematically qualify prospects so that you move them up the prospecting pyramid.

A well-managed CRM will prevent slip-ups that could cost you deals.”

One Last Tip

Businesses today must always be on the hunt for new business opportunities, and the Cloud is the perfect place to start your fanatical prospecting activities.  And yes, we highly recommend investing in Jeb Blount’s book, Fanatical Prospecting.

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