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Are Your Clients Ready to Weather Any Storm?

It’s that time of year again… Storms, tornados, flooding, hurricanes, and all sorts of severe weather conditions that can easily bring your clients technology down, and in turn, bring productivity to a grinding halt – if they’re not prepared.

So what are you doing to prepare your clients for the severe weather that comes around this time of year? MSPs must act as the trusted advisor their clients need – helping them plan to continue operations, no matter what comes their way.

Does Your Business Continuity Plans Account For All Types of Weather?

In 2013, Amazon lost approximately $66,240 per minute due to downtime. Sure, your clients might not be as large as they are, but downtime hurts – no matter the company type or size. When disaster strikes, your clients must be prepared with business continuity plans that account for all types of weather. This means their systems need to keep running with access to their data, applications, and equipment from an alternative location if necessary.

The cloud is an integral part of any business continuity plan as it allows your clients to stay operational, even if they’re unable to come into the office or equipment within the office is damaged due to severe weather conditions. Far too many businesses put business continuity planning on the back seat because they have other initiatives happening – from upgrading outdated hardware to embracing new software and everything in between.

It’s up to you to make sure you’re keeping business continuity planning top-of-mind BEFORE something happens. As you’re aware, the cloud relies heavily on virtualization technology – allowing much faster backups of data, applications, and even entire operating systems to a remote data center. This eliminates the risk of costly downtime due to a natural disaster of some sort.

You Need a Cloud Partner That Helps You Plan For The Worst

Our cloud partner program allows you to help your clients plan for the worst – ensuring they’re able to rely on a business continuity plan that:

  • Keeps all key applications and services running automatically as data centers are located around the world to ensure continuity.
  • Enables staff to easily access data and applications from an alternative location or home if the office is inaccessible.

CPU, Inc. has been in the MSP space before. We know it’s all about keeping up with market demand and making sure your clients are prepared to handle any situation that may threaten the efficiency of their operations.

Want to continue this conversation with us? Let’s discuss how your MSP can take advantage of the latest in cloud technology to help better serve your clients.

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