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Why Should Your MSP Business Sell Cloud-Based Backups & Disaster Recovery?

Cloud backup and disaster recovery services are in big demand. Businesses today are looking for ways to secure their data, ensure accessibility, and the Cloud provides this. Below are some reasons why you should be selling cloud-based backup and disaster recovery services to your clients.

The Backup & Disaster Recovery Environment Is Hot

According to Ed Tittel in his paper “To Cloud or Not To Cloud,” Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery is an excellent opportunity for MSPs to grow their businesses:

“The managed services space keeps growing dramatically, year over year. Today, roughly half of resellers provide some kind of managed services, and another third are planning to offer managed services within the next two years. Backup and recovery is hot, and presents a real business opportunity for resellers to get closer to their customer base by offering more comprehensive solutions to meet customers’ managed services needs.”

More MSPs Are Capitalizing on Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

It’s no wonder that more MSPs are capitalizing on this; they can benefit from a stream of recurring revenue.

Cloud backup and cloud disaster recovery services provide a way for MSPs to profit from this demand.

However, to provide cloud backup and disaster recovery, MSPs must be sure that they grasp the full scope of this business model. Your clients are looking for someone to trust with their valuable data. This is where a reliable Cloud Service Partner comes into play. They can carefully select the best technology to fulfil clients’ demands.

A Cloud Service Partner like CPU can address these and other questions:

  • How much will it cost to set up cloud backup and disaster recovery services for your clients? The cost will depend on the level of involvement of the Cloud Service Provider. But this will likely be less than you think.
  • How can you get your clients on board with cloud data protection services? Cloud Service Providers like CPU provide the marketing collateral you need to help your clients make the switch to the Cloud.
  • How can you capitalize on Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery Services? With a cloud provider like CPU, you’ll have unparalleled pricing, the flexibility and the ability to choose different partnership models.

Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery Services Can Help MSPs Differentiate Themselves

As the changing IT market creates more sophisticated attacks and vulnerabilities, it’s your responsibility to stay ahead of the game. A Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery architecture offers this. When your clients tell others how you’ve provided this level of protection and assurance, referrals will come to you.

Ed Tittel goes on to say:

“Resellers new to hosted services that want to build out data center capabilities and develop hosting expertise will find backup and recovery, as well as business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities a powerful draw for increased (and new) business. Another attractive aspect of getting into online backup and disaster recovery is that the model lets you scale the size of your managed services business when the time is right for you.”

Your Clients Will Thank You

Cloud Backups Prevent Data Loss: IT security and accessibility are front of mind for today’s enterprises. And Backup and Disaster Recovery Services in the Cloud offer this. Cloud backups provide 24/7 access to data from wherever your clients have Internet access.

Data can be lost via viruses or ransomware. Verizon’s 2018 study of business risks reports that ransomware is the most prevalent incident of malware today. Even city governments like those in Metro Atlanta, Georgia are being hit by major ransomware attack that cripples their applications, from payroll to public transportation. And now, Texas says 22 local government agencies were hit by ransomware. With IT environments in the Cloud, they can avoid paying costly ransoms, and quickly get back up and running.

Cloud Backups Provide Redundancy: With legacy devices based on hard drives, we all know that these will inevitably fail. It’s only a matter of time before a clients’ data must be recovered.

Data in cloud storage is spread throughout multiple drives. This data is managed throughout its lifecycle by the cloud provider, preventing data loss. And because data can also be saved in geo-redundant locations, this provides for maximum protection and data availability.

Hybrid Cloud Backups Provide The Best of Both Worlds: MSPs are helping their clients migrate their IT to hybrid clouds that let them keep their legacy on-premises solutions. Hybrid-cloud environments provide one of the most secure means to protect stored data. It’s the best solution for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to use when security is of paramount importance.

Hybrid clouds deliver the flexibility of the Cloud with the performance of an on-premises solution, and it encrypts data flows from one site to the other. It’s a secure, end-to-end architecture that SMBs are now looking for.

Plus, Hybrid-cloud storage supports file-level restore and versioning that lets your clients find prior versions of their files. This means that you can backup and restore individual files without having to deal with the entire data store.

In Conclusion

Ed Tittel summarizes with this statement:

“The time is right for resellers (MSPs) to expand into managed services for data protection and disaster recovery. However, you need to evaluate the latest technology and tech vendors carefully before diving in. A vendor’s reputation is important to consider but also look closely at the vendor’s security and compliance best practices, commitment to the channel, data center infrastructure and level of support… In addition, even if the technology is new, your chosen partner should have been in business for at least a decade. This kind of partner will provide the best foundation for your company to sell services and retain satisfied customers while helping you attract new ones.”

We’re proud to say that CPU meets Mr. Tittel’s criteria on these and so many other levels. Contact us to learn how at

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