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How To Use The Cloud To Keep Your Clients’ Data Safe

As an MSP, you probably get calls all the time from clients and prospects who are worried about their cybersecurity. And one of the best ways to help them keep their data safe is by partnering with the right Cloud Service Provider (CSP). We’ll tell you how in this article.

It’s been proven, over and over again, that the Cloud is more secure than the best on-premise server solutions.

Why? It’s quite simple…

Using the Cloud is a secure choice for most small and mid-sized businesses. The Cloud offers a substantial increase in security for all of their IT resources.

Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) have far better security capabilities than your clients can obtain on premises.

Cloud security is top-rate, with high-powered hardware, firewalls, layers of protection, file encryption, and intrusion-detection systems.

And cloud-computing platforms are hosted in secure data centers that are staffed 24/7 with high-security controls for physical access.

  • A CSP continues to invest in the right security solutions.
  • Cloud providers will continue to monitor your clients’ network for reliability and security.
  • And Cloud Service Providers take security seriously… from physical security to one who has access to the data center, and who can get access to the information online.

Now, I can’t speak for all Cloud Service Providers, but the majority of the top-tier service providers have invested heavily in making sure that data, information, accounting records, customer information and more are all safe.

Cloud Service Providers (like CPU) know how to secure IT. We’ve been trained, we know what the right tools are, and our business is built on the reputation of ensuring that our MSPs’ client information is 100% secure.

How Do CSPs Defend Your Clients’ Data?

Just due to the nature of cloud services, security is included. This is because CSPs rely on:

  • High-Security Physical Facilities where cloud hardware is housed.
  • Highly Skilled Cybersecurity Personnel who monitor all access to the Cloud infrastructure and your clients’ data.
  • A Secure Cloud Infrastructure at both the hardware and software levels with cloud management, virtualization, memory and storage management, etc.

By using the right Cloud Service Provider, your MSP business can be relieved of many of the security responsibilities that you would have to deal with if your clients used local on-premises servers.

With your CSP maintaining a high level of security, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your clients’ data is protected around the clock.

What’s Your Role In The Cybersecurity Partnership?

You Must Understand Where Your CSP’s Responsibility Ends and Yours Begins.

Make sure you know what cybersecurity services and solutions that your CSP activates by default. Also, find out which they make as available options.

Determine what they provide that you don’t, and vice versa to ensure your clients’ data is secure on all levels. Partnering with a CSP means understanding your MSP business’s role when it comes to responsibly meeting your clients’ IT security needs.

Learn How To Use The Security Tools They Provide.

Make sure that you know what security resources and settings your CSP provides; and ensure that you know how to use them. We’re talking about resources that can limit access to data, settings for user privileges, encryption services, passwords management and monitoring.

Don’t assume that these solutions are turned on by default. Make sure they are activated and that you have a part in this. In some cases, they can’t be until you upload data, create databases and set up your users’ accounts.

Adopt Basis Security Policies.

Just like you ask your clients to do this, your MSP business must do this as well. Adopt security policies for using the Cloud and enforce them consistently. Consider areas like authentication and passwords, privilege levels and encryption.

Know Your Responsibilities When Using Serverless Software.

These operate in containers that are managed by the CSP. But, your MSP business is responsible for what the application does, in the same way that you’re responsible for the contents of any container that you deploy. This means that it must behave properly with respect to your clients’ data and the other applications that interact with it.

Use A Monitoring Solution.

Maintaining a high level of security for cloud-based applications is easier if you use a cloud-oriented security service. This lets you scan container images before deployment. And you can monitor these containers for potential security breaches. By using the right monitoring tools, the Cloud will be a genuinely secure environment for your clients’ IT.

CPU has the cloud technologies and a partner ecosystem to make sure you have the right tools and services to keep your clients’ data safe. Learn more at

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