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The Cloud Can Attract & Retain Employees And Keep Data Secure When Workers Leave

We’ve all been there. You wake up one morning, and there’s an email sitting in your inbox from your best tech employee. Or you get ambushed by the star team member of your IT department when you walk in the front door…“I’m quitting; I got a better job somewhere else.”

Staff members come and go. We hope to hold onto the great ones. But this is hard to do, especially in today’s economy where you have a better chance of striking oil than you do landing that superstar employee you can build your company on.

Your clients deal with this as well.

In this article, we’re going to examine how “the Cloud” can help your clients attract and retain superstar employees and keep their data secure when employees leave, especially the bad ones.

The Cloud & HR Work Together

So how do the Cloud and HR work together?

Many of the leading HR applications are now cloud-ready. Your clients can elect to host them in a cloud provider’s multi-tenant environment or host them in their own private cloud. The choice is theirs.

Your clients’ HR departments can benefit from cloud-based software like:

Namely, BambooHR, Paycor, Sage, Rippling, and more.

Cloud-based human resources software provides a highly productive environment in a secure, compliant, connected platform along with insights in real-time decision-making for their businesses.

It will modernize the way your clients’ connect and interact with their workforce, processes, and data. This not only increases their productivity, but makes it easier for them to find and retain the best employees.

Desktop-as-a-Service Solutions Keep Data Secure When Employees Leave

Besides hosting HR applications, the Cloud is a great way to make sure all your clients’ essential data is safeguarded when a hostile employee leaves their company.

We’re not too worried about the superstars. But we’ve seen too many companies lose countless hours of work because a rogue employee deleted all the files on their server or kept company information on their desktop.  It’s a painful lesson to learn.

Today’s Desktop-as-a-Service solutions are offered by many cloud providers, us included. This is a great way to make sure everyone works in the approved corporate network.  With Desktop-as-a-Service, you can purchase “thin clients” for your customers where terminals and all the work is performed in the Cloud.

Is someone leaving?… Just turn off access, and all your clients’ information is safe. Did someone leave and cause a bit of a headache? No worries; simply recover the desktop and everything is back in order.

How Does DaaS Increase Security?

DaaS increases security because your clients’ data and applications reside in the Cloud and not on their endpoint devices. Computers and laptops in a business environment can be lost, stolen or hacked.

Virtual desktops with DaaS address this. Your clients’ information isn’t stored on computer hard drives. With most thin client hardware, there’s nothing to steal.

While traditional PCs face the threat of employees downloading malicious files and infecting your clients’ corporate LANs, DaaS in the Cloud is difficult for viruses to infiltrate. This means that it’s a low risk in terms of security.

When your clients use virtual desktops, you can centralize their updates at the remote location and provide continuous data backup and synchronization to increase data security and compliance.

Your Clients Will Thank You When You Provide DaaS

As their DaaS solution provider, you can handle maintenance and patching for their VDI so they won’t have to.

With Desktop as a Service, your clients can provision and manage their desktops by simplifying operations, improving security and reducing costs. Businesses have more control over their data as it’s stored and managed centrally in the Cloud.

And your clients can securely access desktops on the go or from their personal devices (BYOD).

Want To Continue This Conversation?

Let’s discuss how the Cloud and DaaS can benefit your clients’ businesses and make sure that they’re prepared for the next staff member departure.

Reach out to us on Facebook, LinkedIn or on your favorite social media network. We can discuss the advantages that a strategic relationship with a cloud services company focused on helping you and your clients provides…

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