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What To Do If Your Cloud Provider Goes Out of Business

If there’s one thing we can count on in 2020, it’s uncertainty.

The impact of the global coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed supply chains, altered consumer behavior, and affected every business around the world. Unfortunately, financial and operational challenges will leave many companies with no choice but to close their doors for good.

So, what if your cloud provider falls victim to economic uncertainty and goes under?

Cloud Reliance is Sky-Rocketing

When the pandemic began, MSP’s most pressing mission was to seamlessly transition clients to remote work as quickly as possible. Virtual workplaces were implemented to minimize virus transmissions in the office and give the companies a way to keep revenue coming in.

In most cases, the cloud played a significant function in this shift. Cloud hosting offers the anytime, anywhere access that virtual workers require.

A recent survey of IT leaders found that 82 percent reported expanding their cloud usage in 2020 and 60 percent said their cloud usage will continue to grow.

Cloud Transitioning is Tough

To protect your MSP business from fluctuations in providers, seek out alternative cloud solutions first. There are great choices outside of the big three – Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Tying yourself to one of the large providers puts you at their mercy for support and assistance. You simply don’t have the control you will need if you must move multiple clients at the same time. Large-scale providers simply aren’t set up for this type of transition, as their service models don’t allow for customization.

Neither are most MSPs. The workload involved with switching clients to a new cloud platform will be overwhelming, distracting, and taxing for your staff and your clients’ staff.

Cloud Migrations Could Lead to Remorse

Rushed or disorganized migrations pushed by COVID-19 could lead to cloud repatriation, experts say. Companies that lacked vision or expertise may find themselves sorting through big IT problems as the dust settles.

Clients who haven’t taken the time to invest property in migrating to the cloud could be spending more than anticipated or could lose important functionality in their new environment. It’s essential to make sure your clients are on solid footing.

Cloud Servicing at Its Best

You need a cloud provider who knows their stuff. You need a company that can be counted on.

CPU can give you flexible options for partnering with a hands-on, service-focused cloud provider. Our offerings include:

  • White labeling
  • Fixed-cost agreements
  • Configuration support
  • Employee training

At CPU, we are well-prepared for today’s economic uncertainty, as we have been in business for over 35 years. We will partner with you to offer your clients flexibility and the ability to recover from future disruptions.

Visit us today at or call us at 866-883-8836.

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