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Your clients trust you to provide the IT services and solutions they need. But when it comes to the Cloud, a lot of MSPs end up just sending their clients to a random cloud service provider (CSP) and leaving them on their own to decide on the best one.

Does this make sense? You offer everything else they need concerning technology services. Shouldn’t you work with a CSP who will provide the customized and personalized services you want for your clients? If you do, they’ll see your MSP as so much more valuable than the one down the road.

The cloud managed services market size is expected to reach $82.51 billion by 2025, according to a study conducted by Grand View Research, Inc. MSPs providing managed cloud services can benefit from enterprises adopting more cloud services.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to position yourself as their cloud services advisor by working with cloud services for MSPs that provides personalized and customized services you need. By doing so, you’ll have a cloud partner to ensure your clients have the accessibility, flexibility and scalability they require.

Your Clients Need A Cloud Service Advisor – Shouldn’t That Be You?

Cloud computing is impacting every part of business technology today. According to the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, the ITIF, “Cloud computing has quickly become instrumental to the U.S. economy, as 93 percent of U.S. businesses rely on cloud computing to conduct business every day.”

As an MSP you set up private clouds for your clients and support public cloud use with hybrid clouds. You need the perfect cloud partner to provide services both you and your clients can depend on.

Your Clients Trust You

You know your clients’ businesses and they trust you. When you provide the personalized and customized cloud services they require, this gives you an edge over MSPs. With cloud services for MSPs that personalizes your customer service, you can do the same for your clients.

You Can Maintain The Security You’ve Built

You’ve worked hard to ensure IT security for your clients. If you get the secure cloud service you need from your CSP, you can ensure added security when you migrate your clients to the Cloud. Just like you provide the highest level of protection through your network security services, your clients expect the same when you set up their cloud services.

Position The Cloud As A Value-Added Service

To attract new clients, and as their cloud advisor, you can offer the cloud as a value-added service. If they are choosing between your MSP and the one down the road, a cloud advisor service will be an attractive feature that provides the value they’re looking for. You can be their cloud expert when you have a reliable CSP backing you.

Want To Drive More Revenue?

To keep their clients, add a new revenue stream, and lower costs, MSPs are adding cloud offerings to their services. This helps them offset the reduction in product-based sales and project-based fees. To compete in today’s cloud-based business environment, you must differentiate your services. Providing specialized cloud offerings for different verticals could make the difference. You can’t do this without cloud services for MSPs.

As A Cloud Advisor For Your Clients You Need The Right Partner

If you’re worried that adding the Cloud to your services requires resources and expertise that you don’t have, using the right partner with these skills is the best way to get started. Choose one that provides personalized service – one that will get to know your MSP business and won’t keep you hanging on the phone when you or your clients have questions. Large cloud service providers can’t do this. A smaller cloud service for MSPs will be to your advantage because they’ll be a partner you can count on.

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