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Cloud Services Customized for Healthcare Businesses

With the onset of the global pandemic of COVID-19, many industries are contracting. Healthcare is not one of them.

Global healthcare spending is expected to increase 5 percent year over year through 2023, according to a study published by Deloitte.

Growth in healthcare spending means growth in healthcare opportunities for MSPs and other service providers.


Cloud Makes Sense for Medical Groups

The benefits of the cloud that work for businesses are a perfect fit for healthcare companies and provider organizations. The cloud will allow data to be stored and applications to be access, providing opportunities for cutting-edge initiatives like medication adherence, ongoing care after hospital release, and telemedicine visits.

Doctors’ offices rely on software for administrative, clinical, and operational tasks. Why not make those tasks more efficient, flexible, and agile with the cloud?

It makes perfect sense for your prospective clients in the medical industry.

Compliance is Step One

Before taking the plunge into a cloud services offering, MSPs must ensure the platform and storage systems they offer are HIPAA compliant.

Going digital means complying with complicated legislation like HIPAA — and may give the perception of additional work for the healthcare colleagues involved. This belief discourages companies from adopting new technologies and may create a tendency to remain status quo.

In actuality, you know the cloud can be an exceptional means to modernize patient care and office practices — and to meet patient evolving expectations.

But your healthcare prospects must trust in your ability to maintain compliant services, especially as multi-million-dollar fines for HIPAA violations are now common.

MSPs must be able to provide a business associate agreement (also known as a BAA) to clinical companies, certifying and guaranteeing that the technology services they provide also meet all regulatory compliance standards.

The BAA must be signed prior to having a healthcare client upload any PHI into the cloud.

Cash In on the Opportunity

In order to convert your prospects into clients, MSPs must be prepared with a trusted solution to confidently offer in the healthcare space. Partnering with the right cloud services provider will open opportunities with many types of medical organizations, including large hospital chains, government-owned facilities or smaller independent offices.

It’s widely known that the healthcare industry is a popular target for cybercriminals. Secure cloud services will provide an additional layer of protection for your clients.

Find the right partner to help you offer the most available, compliant and reliable cloud services for your customers.

Our highly resilient, scalable cloud infrastructure can help you. Get in touch with us today — by phone at (877) 373-8808 or reach out on our website. We have a deep discipline in healthcare and HIPAA workspaces and we will be happy to share our expertise with you.

Our cloud experts are standing by and ready to help you on your journey into the healthcare technology space. Get ahead of your competition by partnering with us today.

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