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Our January 2019 “Soar to Success” article was recently released, and we’re already getting a great response. That’s because MSPs have realized how important the Cloud is to their clients’ businesses. They’re looking for ways to communicate this so business leaders get onboard with the cloud solutions they provide.

Here’s what we said in our article that’s helping MSP businesses move companies to the Cloud. Feel free to share it with your clients so they understand how the Cloud computing solutions you provide will help them soar to success!

Is The Cloud In Your 2019 Technology Plan?

2019 is here! Before you bring out the noisemakers, streamers and turn on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve to watch the ball drop at Times Square….ask yourself this very important question. Have you finished your 2019 business technology plan yet?

It’s remarkable how many organizations never create a business technology plan each year. They design a marketing plan, perform a competitive analysis review, and maybe even update their business plan. But a technology plan is often something that’s never on their radar.

Let’s face it; technology touches everything we do in our business and personal lives. Shouldn’t you have a plan for how your business can best use the technology you already own and how to invest in newer technologies that align with your business objectives?

As far as we’re concerned, technology plans are a must. Here’s why:

1. Technology plans help bring your business plan, marketing strategies, sales targets and everything else together. Using your technology plan as an umbrella will ensure the right solutions are brought into your organization, and the best strategies are deployed.

2. Technology plans help organizations understand strength and weaknesses in workflows. They define where new investments are needed to streamline business operations, improve client satisfaction and much more.

3. Technology plans shine a light on where you need to add more staff, what staff can be reallocated into other departments, and, for some, what positions are no longer required because technology can do that job now.

Is There A Role For The Cloud In Your 2019 Technology Plan?

The one question companies often have when it comes to developing a corporate technology plan is, “What role can the Cloud play?”

During 2018, we worked to educate business leaders on the importance of the Cloud and why having an experienced cloud partner is an absolute must. This is especially true as 2019 approaches.

The Cloud has transformed operations, marketing, sales, accounting and other areas inside organizations. Companies are moving to the Cloud at record speed. Traditional server deployments have essentially come to a screeching halt. The benefits of the Cloud are being realized.

How Can The Cloud Play An Important Role In Your 2019 Technology Plan?

Now is the time to figure this out. Most businesses have moved email, phone services and other critical parts of their operations to the Cloud.

  • What else can be moved to the Cloud?
  • What are the benefits of moving to the Cloud?
  • Can the Cloud help you expand your workforce?
  • Can the Cloud help you reach new markets?
  • Can the Cloud help you connect with more customers?

There are many more questions to ask. Now is the time to make sense of how the Cloud can help your business in 2019.

Do Your Clients Have Questions About The Cloud? We Can Help

Here’s what you can tell them when they ask, “What Benefits Does The Cloud Provide?”

  • The Cloud offers better flexibility. If you have slow seasons and busy times of the year, you can easily scale up or down.
  • Never worry about management or maintenance: Your cloud is always being monitored for security risks, for efficiency and all types of issues that can crop up out of nowhere.
  • Business continuity: Don’t let a natural or manmade disaster shut your business down.
  • Collaboration: Work with your team at the office or on the road.
  • Secure critical files: Don’t be the victim of ransomware or a malware virus. Get layered security to safely store and protect all data.
  • Improved communications: Stay in touch with your teams no matter where you go.
  • Increased efficiency: Get more from every employee each day.
  • Compliance: Many industries must now comply with a wide range of regulations like HIPAA, PCI, CIPA and even the GDPR. The Cloud greatly simplifies compliance issues.
  • Flexible Pricing: All facets of a company’s technology infrastructure can be addressed for a single monthly fee. Take advantage of bundled packages that include anything and everything from your phone system, cabling, data network, help desk, wireless and other IT infrastructure needs.
  • Take advantage of the latest software: In a cloud environment, community-driven APIs are often available for automatic scaling, provisioning and management. In a dedicated environment, you may have to wait for vendor-driven development.

I’m sure they’ll have many more questions, and as the Cloud Service Partner for your MSP business we can help. This way we’ll ensure that your MSP business also “Soars to Success!”

Contact us to learn more.

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