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What CPU’s Taken Away from Our Peers…

This month, our soar to success article revolved around the concept of learning from your peers. Why? Because we believe peers can make all the difference in the world when it comes to gaining new perspectives. Three times a year, CPU has the opportunity to share insights, break bread, and spend time with some of the smartest minds in the information technology community. In October 2019, we attended our quarterly peer group meeting in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Deliberating on trends impacting the information technology realm…

Every morning, we sat down to deliberate on the trends impacting the IT community. This time around, we learned that many IT services providers are still trying to figure out the cloud. Naturally, they understand the cloud on a technical level, but they’re not sure about how to understand and sell the idea of greater efficiencies. Our response to this? IT service providers need to work with a cloud provider they can trust.

We know there’s a ton of cloud providers out there. But for those struggling to express the benefits of the cloud to their clients, it’s important to find a cloud provider that knows how it’s done. So how are we different from other MSP cloud vendors? We’ve made investments into security and reliability with multiple data centers and all of that technical stuff, of course, but that’s expected from ANY MSP cloud vendor.

So what makes us unique as an MSP cloud vendor?

It’s simple: We bring care to the table. David and I work directly alongside the IT service providers who choose our team. They’re not forced to work with a revolving door of technicians who don’t know them and their business. No way. They work directly with us – the people who care about their business, the people who have been in their shoes many times. Because we’ve been in their shoes, we’ve tailored our partner program accordingly:

  • There’s no need to split your margins with us
  • We don’t raise or lower our prices according to the competition
  • You don’t get lost in the crowd when it comes to support
  • Our platform is simple-to-use and straightforward
  • You still maintain control of each and every one of your clients

If you’re looking for an intuitive cloud management solution, CPU is the right choice. You can simplify your management, pricing, billing, and margin analysis with total control. There’s no need for costly capital outlay or hiring expensive cloud specialists – we handle that for you.

Is it time for a new MSP cloud vendor?

Let’s talk about giving you the cloud services you need to boost your margins, and ultimately, make your clients happier. David or I will be more than happy to discuss our offering with you. Call (866) 883-8836 or email us at

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