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Is Cybersecurity In The Cloud A Reality Or An Old Fable?

Do you believe the cloud is actually secure? Or is the concept of “cloud security” just a marketing ploy to get you to sign on with a cloud service provider?

If there’s one thing we hear a lot of concerns about when it comes to the cloud it’s cybersecurity — hands down. Businesses know and understand the benefits of moving from on-premises to the cloud. They can appreciate paying a flat-rate monthly fee for what they use, accessing the latest and greatest technologies, and above all, enhancing productivity amongst their team.

However, is cybersecurity in the cloud a reality or an old fable?

Today, Jeanne DeWitt discusses this question:


Is It Safe To Trust Your Data With An Offsite Cloud Vendor?

You’re right to be skeptical of the cloud’s security capabilities. After all, you are trusting a third-party company to store and protect your data offsite.

No matter who you’re working with or how confident they are in their security capabilities, at the end of the day, you’re giving up some degree of control over the security of your data.

The good news is that, so long as you’re working with the right cloud service provider, you can trust in their cybersecurity capabilities. The fact is that cloud vendors invest a lot of money in building and maintaining properly secured data centers and cloud platforms.

Industry-standard data centers offer managed firewalls, antivirus solutions, anti-spam measures, onsite security personnel, and more to ensure the security of your data so that you can do your work without having to worry. Furthermore, many cloud solutions’ security capabilities extend beyond the data center, and help to secure the end-user experience as well.

What If You’re Not Sure About Your Cloud Security?

If you’re not totally confident in the security of your cloud-based data, then it’s your duty to do something about it.

Ask your cloud provider the right questions:

  • Are you operating in accordance with any necessary data security practices?
  • What digital security measures do you have in place?
  • What physical security measures do you have in place?

If you’re not confident in the answers you get, then find someone who can answer them more to your liking. At the end of the day, you need to be confident in the security of your cloud data.

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