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With The Right Cloud Service Provider Your Clients’ Data Will Be More Secure and Accessible – 5 Reasons Why

As you know, cloud services have quickly become the norm for your clients because of the many quality programs they provide. But it’s vital that you select the right Cloud Service Provider for them. When you do, you’ll gain from experts who are dedicated to maintaining the robust security and accessibility they need.

With the right CSP, they’ll benefit from greater protection and accessibility than they can get from their on-premise system. And as a result, they’ll be happy with your MSP services.

4 Ways The Right CSP Provides Greater Security & Accessibility For Your Clients

1. IT Is Stored In High-Security Data Centers.

As you know, secured data centers combine high-tech safeguards with the latest in server room controls. This prevents the theft of equipment while providing the best protection against fire and heat. You’ll know that your client’s data is:

  • Protected by stringent levels of physical security.
  • Monitored 24/7.
  • Housed in buildings specifically designed for high-tech networking equipment with suppression systems that won’t spray water on them.

The right CSP can replicate data in multiple data centers. Some CSPs only have 1 or 2. Your clients’ Cloud Service Provider should have 5. Also make sure they provide geo-tracking capabilities, so your clients won’t have to worry about bandwidth, and data will be easily accessible and recoverable.

2. You’ll Have Better Safeguards In Place For Your Clients.

If a hacker holds their data for ransom or an employee accidentally deletes computer files, the right CSP will ensure you can get your clients back up and running quickly. Good cloud providers specialize in preserving data and retaining control over ever-evolving security risks.

They continuously look for potential attacks using pattern-matching technology and Artificial Intelligence systems.  It’s your Cloud Service Provider’s duty to ensure you can protect your clients from data loss. Safeguarding is one of their critical core competencies.

3. You Will Get Great Customer Support That Makes You Look Good To Your Clients

Your MSP business needs expedient customer support when it comes to your clients’ cloud services. By choosing the right CSP, you’ll get customized, fast and effective service. Unlike the Microsoft and Rackspaces of the Cloud world, smaller Cloud Service Providers (like CPU) provide personalized service.

For example, when you call Microsoft Azure you know you’re going to be put into level-one support. You’ll hang there until they exhaust everything you can think of. In the meantime, your clients are waiting for your services, and your phones are ringing off the hook.

4. They’ll Offer Additional Services Like VoIP Business Phones That You Can White Label and Resell To Your Clients

As you can see, not all Cloud Service Providers are the same. The right one will offer add-on services like VoIP Business Phones, Desktop-as-a-Service, file-sharing, servers, and more.

This is not only a great benefit because your clients can get internet services from one place through your MSP services, but you’ll know that they work seamlessly together. And, if anyone of their services goes down, you’ll know who to call. You won’t wonder if connectivity problems are coming from the data center, your client’s internet connection or another phone service. Your CSP will address these issues so your clients will be happy with your services.

So, we’ll ask you once again. Do you want to drastically improve your clients’ data security and accessibility? Of course, you do. And when you choose the right CSP, they’ll be more satisfied with your MSP services.

Move from the big cloud providers to one who will give you the customized, fast and personalized service you need to keep your clients happy.

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