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Dispelling Myths to Reveal the Hard Facts About the Cloud

Perception is reality.

Your perception of the cloud could be affecting your judgment about adopting it, selling it and proposing it to your clients.

It could be affecting your clients’ judgment as well.

Myths about the cloud create confusion for business leaders and for technical folks. Let’s discuss the top four myths perpetually floating around about cloud adoption, migration, and hosting.

Myth #1: You Have Plenty of Time

As we have learned through the global pandemic of COVID-19, businesses must be nimble, agile and adaptable to survive. The ways companies use technology is evolving more rapidly than ever.

Cloud adoption plays a huge role in the future of all businesses. Internal data centers — even standalone servers — are going away. Innovative leaders are embracing the cloud now.

As an MSP, if your clients are talking to you about migrating their workloads and critical applications to the cloud, they are curious. Don’t let a competitor beat you to the conversation.

Myth #2: The Cloud is a Passing Fad

For most of us, using the cloud has become a way of life — both personally and professionally. The personal applications we use daily, i.e. social media apps, are all hosted in the cloud. In fact, most of us wouldn’t even consider buying data storage equipment for our homes.

Businesses are thinking the same way and they are prioritizing online “everything.”

Since lockdowns were issued to stop the spread of COVID-19, e-commerce has accelerated in six months what was projected for the next four to six years. In May, the third month of the criticism online spending was up 77 percent year-over-year.

Just like the Internet is here to stay, the cloud is a pivotal tool for the future of all companies. Without the cloud, supporting explosive online business simply isn’t possible.

Myth #3: The Cloud is Less Safe than On-Premise Equipment

Cloud providers invest a tremendous amount of time and money into their security, which includes encryption, monitoring, physical security, access controls and more. Instead of becoming less secure, cloud hosting gives small businesses an opportunity to participate in enterprise-level solutions and improve their security posture almost overnight.

The complete picture of annual spending on cloud security by the big three is astonishing.

Microsoft invests more than $1 billion annually on cloud security.

Amazon Web Services continues to add security components to its platform, including announced three new services and capabilities this month that enhance security.

Google paid hackers $6.5 million last year alone to try to break into its systems and expose vulnerabilities.

Myth #4: Cloud Services Will Leave MSPs with Nothing to Manage

This one couldn’t be further from the truth.

Companies that are considering moving to the cloud need a variety of services to get there. Business leaders are looking for expert advice to ensure success in cloud adoption efforts. They need help with consultation, selecting the right provider, migration and on-going monitoring.

Plus, MSPs can propose value-added services on top of the cloud.

CPU Can Help

Let’s discuss how your MSP can take advantage of the latest in cloud technology to serve your clients. If you aren’t examining cloud opportunities with each and every client of yours, you’re missing a dynamic, lucrative opportunity.

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