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Why Should Your Financial Clients Be Using The Cloud?

Adopting new technology can tend to feel risky for your clients when they take into consideration the potential impact that it could have on their data security. They have regulatory requirements to meet and an obligation to their clients to protect confidential and private information. A responsibility like this can make them cautious about using the Cloud.

That being said, and surely, as you know, a large number of accounting professionals have discovered that relying on the Cloud is actually a safer option than relying on onsite IT solutions. You know that it actually offers greater security along with other notable advantages that can help your financial clients grow their businesses. Cloud computing does more than just keep their clients’ data secure. It allows their team to be more productive and saves them money on technology expenses.

But how do you convince them that they should be using the Cloud?

Why Should Your Financial Clients Be Using The Cloud?

We have a list of reasons that you can share with them…

Data Security

Their data is continuously under threat from hackers and malicious viruses. The Cloud provides an additional barrier between hackers and their data by storing files in an offsite location. Even better, files are encrypted and therefore only accessible to designated members of their team.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

An enterprise-grade cloud solution is the best way to store confidential information. Cloud solutions like virtualization allow your financial clients to recover entire IT infrastructures quickly, applications and all.

Servers, desktops, files, and apps are all stored in a secure offsite data center, which is essential for effective business continuity and disaster recovery. Whether they’re faced with something as minor as a brief power outage or as significant as weeks-long disruption, their IT assets will be available 24/7. They can pick right up where they left off in minutes.

Cloud Computing Saves Money

As more software and IT solutions move to the Cloud, the opportunity for cost savings increases. Your financial clients can avoid paying upfront fees for software licensing or hardware purchases, and they can make use of per-user subscriptions and hosted solutions.

Cloud computing also helps smaller firms compete with their larger counterparts by offering them access to the same enterprise-grade technology at a budget-friendly price. And they can take advantage of cutting-edge technology as a business expense, rather than a capital expense.

Work When and Where They Want

Cloud computing allows your financial clients to work whenever and however their schedule allows, as long as they have access to an internet connection.

A huge part of staying competitive in the world of finance is bringing the right talent on board, and holding onto that talent. Keeping their employees happy is crucial if they want them to stick around, which today means giving them as much flexibility as they can.

The modern workforce is more tech-savvy than ever. They expect to have access to up-to-date files and resources both in and out of the office. Their jobs may take them all over the city, and they need to have continuous access to their files to be productive.

They also expect BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) plans to be an option, which means that your clients will need to provide reliable and secure mobile applications for their employees. The Cloud offers this.

Enhanced Collaboration

Hosted Cloud Solutions let authorized team members access and edit documents in real-time, at the same time. This is a valuable asset when, for example, they have accountants working on financials together, but from separate locations. They can work collaboratively with cloud solutions like:

  • Hosted QuickBooks
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Hosted Microsoft SharePoint
  • Custom Application Hosting

Document Control

Collaboration is a fantastic tool, but it makes document control a necessity. Emailing files back and forth gets confusing, and makes it next to impossible to keep track of which version of a document or spreadsheet is the correct one. The Cloud prevents this.

When a document is stored and edited on the Cloud, there’s only one version of it in existence. This guarantees that their team is always working off the right information.

Scalability & Flexibility

The ability to scale cloud solutions up or down to fit the needs of financial clients means they don’t have to waste money on resources that they don’t need, or fork over large sums of money to bring more resources on board.

Increased Competitiveness

Cloud computing allows them to be more competitive by not only helping them get more out of their firm’s technology budget but by leveling the playing field between small and large financial firms. When they can use the same enterprise-level software and solutions as top tier firms, their team can easily hold their own in the eyes of potential clients.

More Time For Their Clients

Cloud technology excels at streamlining processes, which boosts productivity and efficiency. Your financial clients will have more time to spend focused on their clients and their needs without sacrificing any of the behind-the-scenes work that’s required for success. Impressing their clients is the best way to increase their firm’s visibility and build the kind of reputation that leads to long and successful careers.

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