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FUD as a Cloud Marketing Ploy

FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt… It’s a Common Marketing Ploy, But Does It Work for Selling the Cloud? Find Out in Our Latest Episode of IT Done Right…

In our latest episode of IT done right, we talked about the concept of FUD: fear, uncertainty, and doubt as a marketing ploy. It’s everywhere – all you need to do is look at the marketing surrounding cybersecurity. Managed IT services businesses and their vendors are dead-set on scaring businesses into the big bad world of IT security. Naturally, businesses SHOULD be scared of the threats out there. We’ve seen it all over the news – breaches are happening each and every day. But here’s the problem… Businesses are seeing an incredible amount of marketing around FUD that they’re starting to shut it off.

Is FUD the Right Cloud Marketing Ploy for Your Managed Services Business? Or Is There a Better Way to Generate Interest?

We’ve found that FUD, although commonly used, is actually starting to create a negative impact rather than a positive one. Why? Because it’s all over the place, and for most business executives, it’s easier to turn it off, especially when they’re not well-informed on WHAT they should be afraid of in the first place. Let’s review why sitting down and having real business discussions with your clients rather than throwing scare tactics around is the way to go.

First and foremost, everyone hates being sold to. That’s a fact. MSPs around the country are drinking the cybersecurity kool-aid. Just take a look at all the blogs, ebooks, and emails going out around the world. Businesses are turning away from aggressive marketing – and for good reason. They don’t personally know the risks of cybercrime nor do they understand the importance of protecting against it – so all of the scare tactics in the world won’t convince them.

Some of the best marketing experts nowadays focus on education. What does this have to do with the cloud? Well, if you’re trying to sell cloud services, education is key. So how do you teach about the benefits of the cloud? Here are my secrets to success when it comes to educational marketing and the cloud:

  • Volunteer to speak anywhere you can: Local chambers, meet-up groups, industry associations, etc. are a great place to speak and be seen as an expert in the realm of cloud technology.
  • Host your own events: You don’t need to worry about hosting a huge, expensive event. Small groups of 5-10 people are just as impactful as 100+ people gatherings. Find a local restaurant and get started!
  • Meet with your clients on a regular basis: Chances are, your clients don’t have the time to sit around researching the benefits of the cloud. That’s why they hired you! Help them understand the benefits of the cloud for their business.

Now is the time to position yourself as an expert. Get out and be active in your local community. Become a trusted professional and expert with everything technology related.

Let’s continue this conversation. Give me a call at (866) 883-8836 and let’s discuss how your MSP business can take advantage of the cloud.

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