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How Do I Make Money Selling Cloud Services?

Many MSPs ask us the same question: “How do I make money selling cloud services?”

The answer is simple: When you sell the cloud through the right partner, you’re able to increase your recurring revenue. Think about it… Your clients are constantly looking for ways to maximize cost efficiencies. Most businesses nowadays are looking towards the cloud as a way to cut costs and increase accessibility through anytime, anywhere access.

You can sell the cloud as a stand-alone service or bundle it into your managed services plan at an added cost. Regardless, you’re able to increase your recurring revenue significantly. In fact, we’ve had clients increase their recurring revenue by tens of thousands of dollars!

We give you a discount on the service you resell. Although we give you a suggested sell price, you can upsell that price as much as you want. Essentially, you decide how much money you make. And with us, there’s no contracts or commitments.

It doesn’t get much easier than that, does it? Keep an eye out for more answers to common questions from MSPs. Visit for access to the latest videos and information.

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