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How to Guide Your MSP Clients to Thrive in 2021

In 2021, one of the top requests for MSPs will be continued support as clients fully engage with the cloud. Migrating data and key business applications to the cloud have been a strong revenue stream for MSPs and a great tool to support today’s remote and mobile workforce. The cloud has brought flexibility, efficiency, improved productivity, and more reasonable costs to your clients, as this coming year will continue this trend.

First a Rush, Now a Review

As COVID-19 evolved into a global pandemic, companies rushed to move data and applications to the cloud, as their employees moved home to work. One of the results of swift migration and deployment could be imperfect executions. In other words, now is the time to review those migrations to ensure all is functioning properly in a scalable, secure cloud environment.

In addition, important projects may have been abandoned or deprioritized as a result of accommodating a remote workforce practically overnight. This is a great time to reevaluate cloud strategies with your clients, paying close attention to workstreams and key applications.

Revisit Application Health

Another consequence of last year’s swift transition may be aged applications that should have been updated or replaced. Chances are if these programs were hobbling along before, they’re even less efficient now. Plus, old data should be reviewed and discarded as allowed. In short, it’s time to undo the IT damage that resulted from last year’s hasty cloud migrations. Providing analysis and a digital roadmap for your clients is key.

Provide a Security Check-Up

For some projects, security had to be sidelined in order to get cloud migrations completed quickly. Like other pieces of this rapid shift, security should now be evaluated and shored up. Experts say cloud-based cyber-attacks rose more than 600 percent between January and April last year, a staggering statistic that has continued to grow over the past twelve months. Now is the time to reinforce the importance of security, balanced with usability and productivity protections. Be sure to mitigate the human element in your security plans by including employee training on phishing, social engineering, and other common methods of intrusions. Also, be sure to update disaster recovery and business continuity plans, as both look different than they did when employees were office-based.

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