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Are You Prepared to Keep Up with the Demand?

Now that we’re all working remotely, how will our day-to-day operations change when lockdowns are lifted across the states? Well, from what we’ve seen, most businesses plan to continue with remote work – at least to some degree. Why? Because remote work:

  • Cuts costs in terms of real estate and/or office supplies
  • Keeps employees more productive due to fewer distractions and/or commuting
  • Improves morale throughout all departments

NTT surveyed 1,250 business leaders and IT leaders around the world – finding that the number of organizations planning to outsource the management of parts of their information technology environment will double in the next 18 months. This is likely due to the influx of remote workers in the modern business, as well as the fact that the coronavirus pandemic has made business leaders pay more attention to the following:

  • Their technology systems
  • Their business continuity plans
  • Their cybersecurity measures

As more and more businesses are planning to outsource, where will they be spending their money? The survey found that right now:

  • 73% are investing in help with cloud infrastructure
  • 53% are investing in help with cybersecurity

In the next 18 months, those numbers will unsurprisingly rise to 77% for cloud infrastructure and 64% for cybersecurity. Clearly, the coronavirus pandemic has shown businesses around the world their weak points: business continuity and cybersecurity. Now, MSPs must be prepared to meet this increased demand for outsourcing in these areas.

Why are businesses moving to the cloud?

Businesses are moving to the cloud because it enables them to have access to their systems, data, and applications from any device or location – an ideal situation for remote work in a world of social distancing. In addition, the cloud offers greater security measures than they can afford to implement on their own. Let’s look at the top reasons businesses are moving to the cloud in a post-coronavirus world:

  1. Greater accessibility via any device or location, as long as there’s an internet connection. This means remote workers can stay in touch with one another, as well as work together on documents, projects, and overall, anything necessary.
  2. Less upfront and maintenance costs as they can pay for what they use each month instead of worrying about purchasing, upgrading, and maintaining expensive on-premises systems.
  3. Greater compatibility with a range of devices, which means remote workers can use their own devices to access what they need without worrying about configuration issues getting in the way.
  4. Simplified scalability to add or remove users, storage, and other resources as the business changes without the excessive cost of bringing someone in to make those changes for them.
  5. More security against threats facing remote workers as the cloud offers enterprise-grade protection, including firewalls, encryption, around-the-clock monitoring, and more.

The cloud simply makes sense for businesses that are embracing remote work, especially if it’s a new concept to them and they weren’t prepared for such an abrupt change. MSPs must be prepared for this huge opportunity – meaning they need a cloud partner that offers an entire suite of cloud solutions for organizations looking to outsource this part of their information technology environment.

Where can MSPs find a cloud partner?

Sure, there are many large cloud providers on the market. But many MSPs find that those large cloud providers can be expensive to procure services from and they’re left with managing those services for their end clients. CPU, Inc. offers our cloud partner program that gives you access to our entire suite of cloud solutions, as well as configuration support, white labeling capabilities, wholesale pricing, and more.

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