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How To Offer Microsoft 365 & Cloud Backup Services Without Selling

Your clients believe Microsoft 365 backs up everything, indefinitely. Am I right? You, as a savvy MSP, know it’s the farthest thing from the truth. A cloud backup service does that. So, we’ll explore how MSPs can offer both, without selling.

The #1 Microsoft 365 Backup Misconception

If we sat down and had a meeting, and I asked you, “have you heard clients say, Microsoft already backs everything up!” More than likely, you would agree and reply, “too many!”

You and I know the truth. OneDrive and SharePoint data is only retained for 30 days, while emails are only held for 93 days. Plus, we also know that Microsoft 365 doesn’t backup everything.

Unfortunately, trying to convince a customer or existing client of these facts is challenging. Even though Microsoft 365 offers pretty much everything your client’s business needs, there’s still that one major drawback. No secure data backup like they’d get from a cloud backup service.

How To Offer Microsoft 365 & Cloud Backup Services Without Selling

Don’t Sell, Reveal The Flaw With Just 2 Words!

A challenging thing MSPs face is selling the client on a necessary Cloud backup service solution. You know it’s a life-safer to them in the event of a disaster or cyberattack. However, when you try to present the benefits and features, they don’t budge.

That is when you, the MSP, can reveal a hidden flaw about 365 the customer wasn’t told or overlooked in two words. To demonstrate your expertise when a client states that Microsoft backs everything up, you agree and then say, “Yes, Microsoft’s Temporary Backup is useful.”

However, You Don’t Stop There!

You go on, “But did you know 365 doesn’t provide a permanent backup solution like a Cloud backup service does?” “Some of our clients have discovered that with their OneDrive and SharePoint data, 365 only save it for 30 days. And their emails for 93 days!” Let me ask you if you needed to get to that data on day 31, and it was gone, what would you do, and whom do you call?

By pointing out, Microsoft only provides a temporary backup. Also, a limited number of days, their data and email get held. It opens the door to discuss bundling 365 and Cloud data backup solutions together.

You can also take it a step further and point out that cloud backup becomes part of a multi-layered email security service offering. And finally, if someone deletes a folder in OneDrive and SharePoint, the data is gone.

Do You Have A Cloud Backup Service Partner?

If you currently offer Microsoft 365, you can bundle it with a Cloud backup package to form a sustainable and profitable service to your clients and prospects. You’ll protect your customer’s data and be viewed as a cutting-edge MSP with robust IT solutions.

CPU offers cloud backup services for MSPs wanting to assist their clients with Microsoft 365 backup solutions. You can resell our backup services as a standalone service or bundle into your managed services plan at an added cost. How does it work? It’s simple… We provide the service at a discount, and you resell it as needed.

CPU has staff, engineers, and partners worldwide and are here to help you expand your MSP business. To discover your options with our Cloud Partner Program, contact us.

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