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Migrating To The Cloud

Your cloud migrations don’t have to be difficult.  There are some great tools you can use for planning, discovery, and tracking along the way. You can use them to create an inventory, develop a migration roadmap, implement migration readiness, plan for the workloads and data, and measure the success of your migration. It’s essential that you consider your unique situation before selecting a cloud migration tool.

What’s Involved In The Cloud Migration Process?

It involves moving data, applications, or other components of business IT from an onsite network and computers to the Cloud. It may also include moving data from one cloud provider to another.

There are certain things to consider when migrating to a cloud environment:

  • Privacy and security issues,
  • The chance of data loss,
  • Interoperability of applications,
  • Business continuity, and
  • Program variances that may interfere with the seamless transfer of information.

The Pitfalls

Cloud migrations are full of pitfalls, and it can be an arduous process. The key challenge when migrating to cloud environments is matching incoming data to the storage protocol and infrastructure that’s used.

A business may store data on iSCSI SAN, when the cloud environment is on a Fiber Channel. In this case protocol translations are required for a successful migration.

You must also perform the data migration within a reasonable amount of time. Businesses can’t wait for days or even weeks for results. This means applications must remain online during the migration, which presents additional challenges. You want to minimize the number of times you have to stop and restart an application.

Why You Need Cloud Migration Tools

The right cloud migration tool will address these issues. Migrating to the Cloud isn’t a core competency for most IT departments or companies.

For safer, faster and effective cloud migration you should use cloud migration assessment tools. Cloud migration tools can save a significant amount of time. They will simplify, consolidate and integrate a broad range of data types.

They can also help you detect technology gaps and plan for safe and seamless migration. With the right tools and a cloud readiness assessment, the odds of successful migration increase.

There are many cloud providers and third-party tools designed to help before, during and after the migration to optimize the process. For many, they are a saving grace.

Cloud migration tools (called content integration tools) enable you to upgrade systems, update data and relocate files to the Cloud. They typically integrate enterprise content management software or products like Microsoft 365 and SharePoint migration. They also provide documentation of the migration.

According to research group, IDC, the worldwide cloud systems management software market is expected to exceed $8 billion by 2019. Tools for cloud management and performance are the fastest-growing segment of this market.

Which Cloud Migration Tools Should You Use?

There are a variety of cloud provider and third-party solutions that can help you migrate to the Cloud. Some can also help you track your computing resources, performance and costs.

Any cloud migration tool you consider should have the capabilities to:

  • Sync all required applications with the cloud storage system,
  • Ensure a safe migration of files with security, backup and integration tools,
  • Migrate a large number of files and file types.

When it comes to choosing a cloud migration tool, you should first consider your unique IT and application requirements.

This Is When A Cloud Migration Partner Is Your Best Friend

If you want to migrate to the Cloud successfully, assistance from a partner who can help you navigate the migration landscape can ensure success. The right partner will help you choose the cloud migration tool that best fits your requirements.

They’ll also have industry and platform expertise that can assist you along the way. All of this will improve your chances of successful and seamless cloud migration.

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