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CPU Can Help Both You & Your Clients Move To The Cloud

What Happens In The Cloud…Stays In The Cloud! OK, the Cloud isn’t Vegas, but I thought this had a nice ring to it.

Recently, members of the CPU team traveled to Las Vegas to meet with our Ulistic High-Performance Club peer group. We shared the importance of our peer group with other technology firms that meet each quarter to share insights into the IT market and how to improve our services. This month, Las Vegas was our destination.

Our meetings are made up of 15 or so organizations from across the US and Canada. Each quarter, we have the opportunity to share how business is going in general, solicit feedback from our peers on what we can do better, and reach out for assistance from others who may have walked a mile or two in our shoes before.

Our peer group is always enlightened after these meetings, and we go home with new ideas and strategies that bring value to local organizations and our partners.

So the old saying of “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” doesn’t really apply here… We brought home so many great ideas, and we managed to sneak them out of Vegas without any issues at all!

Everywhere in Vegas businesses are impacted by cloud technologies. From the largest hotels to the smallest shops on and off the strip. Business today is running on the Cloud–from CRM solutions to point-of-sale systems and ERP solutions, the Cloud touches every part of business today.

One thing that was crystal clear from our trip this quarter was the importance of the Cloud and also the importance of community. The Cloud also requires a strong community to support it.

Today, many software companies, IT service providers and technology professionals are throwing their hat into the cloud ring. You can now find the Cloud anywhere you turn, as well as a trustworthy IT professional to help you set it up and support your staff members.

Why is this significant? CPU is what we call the “plumbing in the Cloud.” We provide cloud systems that make sure all the stores, hotels, restaurants and businesses get access to the solutions and services they need to meet growing demands from their customers and guests.

If you still haven’t made the leap to providing cloud services to your clients, we can help.

Are Your Clients Worried About Making A Leap To The Cloud?

If they’re worried about moving to the Cloud, perhaps they’re not convinced that it’s the right thing to do for their business? Or maybe they’re afraid that they’ll lose their data? But if they haven’t tried cloud computing, they could be missing out on something that will improve the way their business operates. It’s time to take a look at what’s concerning them and compare this to the facts about moving to the Cloud.

Even though more companies are moving to the Cloud, some business owners and managers are overly cautious. But, this caution is stopping them from gaining the benefits of cloud computing. For most businesses, the Cloud increases efficiencies, productivity, and saves them time and money.

If concerns are stopping your clients from moving to the Cloud, here are three things that you can tell them…

1. Are They Concerned About Data Security?

This is a common concern, especially with all the hacking and cybercrime today. And when they store their confidential data in a cloud solution, they’re entrusting its safekeeping to a cloud service provider.

However, if your clients believe that their data is safer housed onsite in a server, they’re wrong. It’s actually more secure in the Cloud. Why? – Because it will be housed in physically secured, impenetrable data centers. If it’s at risk from a natural disaster, it will be transferred to a data center in another location.

When their data is stored onsite, it’s at risk from:

  • Physical theft.
  • Accidental deletions.
  • Destruction from fire, flood or other natural disasters.

No matter what storage device they use onsite, your clients’ critical data will be more secure when it’s stored in a data center with a cloud storage solution.

2. Are They Concerned About Not Having Accessibility To Their Data?

Moving to the Cloud will provide increased accessibility rather than less. Cloud services ensure that they have access to their data at any time from anywhere. This is whether you migrate your clients’ entire IT infrastructure to the Cloud or just parts of it.

Cloud technology supports high availability, meaning that whatever clients store in the Cloud will be available to them even when their technology fails. If they experience power or internet outages in their office, they can still access their data from their smartphone, tablet or a computer device in another location like their home that has internet access.

Traditional computer setups with data stored onsite mean that your clients must be in the same location as their data storage device. Using the Cloud removes this restriction.

Enhanced accessibility benefits your clients’ businesses. When their authorized employees can connect to the Internet and the cloud services you provide, they can work securely on documents, access software, and store data. And explain to them that some cloud solutions provide file-sharing and real-time collaboration capabilities to kick up their productivity even more.

3. Are They Worried That They’ll Lose Control Of Their Data By Using The Cloud?

Explain to your clients that there are three types of cloud services they can use: Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). As we go down the list from 1 to 3, they’ll have more control over what they can do within the Cloud.

Here’s how you can explain this to them:

1. Software-as-a-Service – This is where they will have access to resources and applications. They’ll have a physical copy of the software on their computer devices, but it’s synced in the Cloud so they can also access the same software on all of their company’s computer devices.

2. Platform-as-a-Service – This gives them the elements required to develop and operate applications over the Internet.

3. Infrastructure-as-a-Service – With IaaS, they can outsource all of their storage and resources such as hardware and software. This is an excellent option for small businesses to help them save money.

In actuality, the flexibility of cloud pricing models can give them more overall control than purchasing software or hardware that they have to keep onsite. It also provides scalability. Because they pay per user, they can increase their services in busy times and decrease them when business is slow. And if they’re worried that cloud computing will cost too much, they have complete control over this.

What Else Worries You & Your Clients About The Cloud?

In conclusion, if you’re concerned about selling cloud services, or if your clients are worried about using them, take the time to identify your fears and discuss them with us. Without the Cloud, both your MSP business and your clients may be missing out on services that can enhance your company and help it grow.

Still haven’t made the leap to the Cloud? No worries, we’re here to help…

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