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Today’s Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) should deliver a good range of comprehensive hybrid- and multi-cloud solutions and services. Cloud services offer powerful benefits for any enterprise, from greater productivity and enhanced efficiency to significant cost reductions and simplified IT management. These are just a few of the reasons people today are moving to the Cloud.

With technology evolving at ever-increasing speeds, businesses and even MSPs are presented with enormous technical challenges.  What if your MSP could offer an exceptional suite of IT solutions that would simplify, protect, and enhance the performance of websites, web applications, media delivery, and other cloud-based technologies?

Sound like something you’d be interested in learning about? Then please read on.

Are Your Customers Looking To Adopt The Cloud?

If so, this eBook will provide the guidance you need to assist your customers with the cloud services they require. You’ll find insights into cloud services and how they can benefit your customers.  You’ll learn the benefits of using this recurring revenue model to differentiate your IT services company and provide a valuable offering for your customers that will, in turn, build long-lasting relationships for your business.

The Cloud – A Customizable Utility For Your Customers

The Cloud has changed the way we all use IT resources. Cloud computing, managed services providers can give their customers more reliable and secure storage space, speedier network connections, and increased access, flexibility, scalability, and productivity.  As an MSP, you will also benefit from the potential of the Cloud as a utility that you can resell, white label, or refer.

Cloud computing provides on-demand resources and services that you can adapt to your customers based on their unique needs.  Both software installations and network configurations are easily customizable.

With pay-as-you-go pricing, you can market cloud services as an Operational Expense (OPEX) rather than a Capital Expense (CAPEX). This means no upfront costs for your customers and a service, much like other utilities, that they can write off as a business expense each month.

With smaller cloud service providers (like those from CPU Technology Solutions your customers can count on 99.99% guaranteed uptime (vs. 99.95% with the larger CSPs like Microsoft).

As a customizable utility, the Cloud enables your business to create a whole host of new applications and IT Services you can profit from.

The Cloud – A Money-Making Opportunity For Any IT Services Company

The utility power of the Cloud is one of the primary drivers that allow companies to scale their services without substantial upfront infrastructure investments.  It’s a tool that ensures not only greater productivity and satisfaction for customers, but an easy method of offering a valuable product to your schedule of services.

Businesses today need the guidance you can provide when migrating their infrastructures to the Cloud. With a cloud solution like the one CPU Technology Solutions provides, you can deliver a unique, customized, and affordable next-generation IT solution to your customers.

With our pay-as-you-go model, you can make it easy for your customers to switch IT operations from an expensive upfront Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) to a predictable Operational Expenditure (OPEX).

You can deliver IT-as-a-Service in the Cloud that provides the same power as an in-house IT infrastructure with predictable monthly fees under an OPEX model. You can offer:

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) which removes the need to manage, maintain, and upgrade software solutions.
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) so your customers can develop or customize applications without managing operating systems,  servers, storage, and networking.
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) so they can virtually access an IT infrastructure from the Cloud without investing in capacity planning or physical management and maintenance.

Cloud Service from CPU provides a predictable, on-going monthly income from your customers and an IT infrastructure that’s always up-to-date. No worries about hardware and software purchases or regular upgrades and maintenance needs.  CPU handles all of this for you.

As a result, your MSP can include Managed Cloud Services that provide significant returns on your investment.  This will drive productivity and profitability for you, as well as for your customers.

The Benefits of Cloud Services From CPU For Your Customers

You should help your customers explore the benefits of the Cloud and determine how best to use them. Here are a few of the reasons they should consider using the cloud services you offer:

Saves Money

Cloud computing is the most cost-effective way to maintain and upgrade an IT system.  With pay-as-you-go packages and scalable options, you can easily switch your customers from traditional on-premises hardware to the Cloud.

They can spend less on computer devices. Owning hardware also requires additional costs for computer cabling, external hard drives, mobile data, and so on.  This requirement is eliminated.

There’s no need for them to pay for expensive servers, desktops, and licenses – nor long hours setting up and maintaining systems.  They can access the cloud resources you provide to reduce costs and gain efficiency and productivity.

If your customers use existing data centers, extra protection drives their costs even higher. Redundant data centers, power systems, and the ability to fail-over to a co-located data center add to this cost.

The cost of your customers’ IT operations can now be aligned with their business growth instead of requiring large, upfront capital expenditures in anticipation of new business, customers, or applications.

Your customers can pay for exactly what they use. Many companies waste money on more computing solutions and storage than they really need.  By utilizing computing power on a pay-as-you-go basis, waste is eliminated.  Ongoing costs offer your customers better insight into their IT expenditures, so they can better manage cash flow without wasting money on unnecessary resources.

Increases Reliability

Your customers may think that their on-premises data center is more reliable than having it hosted in the Cloud.  But those who embrace the Cloud experience improved availability. They also experience better server uptime and support.

Running on-premise servers 24/7 for 8-to-5 workloads wastes resources. And when this happens, they periodically experience downtime, upgrade, or maintenance issues. Cloud services from CPU offer a much higher uptime than on-premises data centers.

A good reason to move your customers to the Cloud is that hardware will fail at some point. Cloud providers like CPU offer automated features that prevent common IT issues with hosting on-premises servers.

Unless you want to spend millions of dollars building and maintaining an IT infrastructure, it is highly unlikely you can compete with the stability and reliability of CPU MSP Cloud Services.


With the per-user cost of the Cloud, your customers will know their IT operational costs. And, the Cloud allows for fast delivery of services without much-advanced notice for companies with seasonal or temporary spikes in demand.

They can also predict trends and challenges before they occur. You’ll have access to monitoring tools and predictive analytics to help troubleshoot potential bottlenecks and plan for additional capacity for your customers as they require. And just like with Managed IT Services, you can proactively resolve issues with real-time data and alerts.


Your customers probably use the Cloud every day without realizing it when they use applications like Google Drive, iCloud, Spotify, and Kindle Cloud Reader. They can enjoy immediate mobile access to their favorite music, books, and data on-the-go regardless of their location or the device they use.

Cloud services offer this same benefit for your customers’ employees. For businesses with offsite locations and traveling workforces, the Cloud provides secure and immediate access to corporate data as soon as it’s posted (in real time).

For your startup customers, or those expanding geographically, the Cloud provides the most cost-effective way to get branch offices up and running quickly. They can compete in the global marketplace with limited resources and hardware investments because they can get things done fast without spending a lot of money.

With the Cloud and Bring Your Own Device in the workplace, your customers can save on device costs while increasing employee satisfaction and productivity. Money saved can be invested in cutting-edge technology that can drive business value.


Collaboration is essential for most businesses today. Employees rely on activities like instant messaging, web conferencing, file sharing, and project management. Some still use on-premises servers, which is fine for local users, but not for remote teams.

Team collaboration services in the CPU Cloud allow your customers’ employees to access company files and documents wherever they are. They will enjoy enhanced performance and productivity when collaborating without all the challenges.

Scalability and Flexibility

You can provide your clients with all the servers they need. There are no physical boundaries due to lack of storage for servers.  Efficient infrastructure scaling in the Cloud is achieved through both vertical and horizontal scaling. You can scale vertically and beef-up a server by adding more CPUs. Your customers will have more memory and speed for applications without adding machines.  Horizontal scaling allows for more throughput. And adding servers allows for more concurrent workloads.

You can quickly increase their storage capacity or change the size of their virtual machine to accommodate their increasing needs. Once you’ve maxed out a server, you just add another.

The flexibility it provides to your customers is priceless. It eliminates the fear that they’ll make the wrong hardware or software investments.  Plus, there’s no cookie-cutter strategy when it comes to CPU Cloud Services.  You can meet your customers’ uniquely tailored needs by providing the applications they want in just a few clicks.

Enterprise Level Security

Many businesses think that the Cloud isn’t secure.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Security is one of the main reasons companies are moving to the Cloud.

Data security is more robust in the Cloud. It offers a multi-layered approach to security and is far more sophisticated than on-site security solutions.

With the CPU Cloud, your customers can take advantage of the Cloud while reducing their security and compliance costs.

They’ll benefit from:

  • Enterprise-level security and governance that manages access for all their end users.
  • Virtual machines and data that are isolated from undesirable users and traffic, with private connections only their authorized users can access.
  • Data that’s secure and encrypted both in transit and in storage.
  • Continuous, remote, and automated monitoring and analysis of traffic to reveal irregularities or threats.

This streamlines compliance and data security. Compliance with the latest security standards is simpler with the CPU Cloud. It will proactively ensure adherence to the latest security compliance requirements.

Secure Email

With cloud-based systems, your customers’ email services are always up and running without the need for maintenance or updates. They can securely connect with customers and coworkers whether they are in the office or on the road.

With CPU Cloud Services you can ensure their data is safe and meets the most rigorous industry standards, even in the government or healthcare industries.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Using the CPU Cloud is the best way to protect your customers’ data when hardware fails, or a natural or manmade disaster destroys their data. And, with virtualization services you can replicate their entire IT infrastructure in the Cloud, so it’s recoverable from anywhere in a matter of hours rather than days.

Easy Migration

Your customers may worry that it will cost a lot to migrate them to the CPU Cloud. But, the truth is that there are automation tools for you to use to speed up the process.  Migration will take hours instead of days to complete.

There’s zero downtime because the migration takes place in the background while your customers’ existing systems and services continue to operate.  When everything is synchronized, you seamlessly switch them to the CPU Cloud environment without any interruptions.

As A Managed Service Provider, Your Job Is Easier With the CPU Cloud

When your customers use the CPU Cloud, it removes the need to host an IT infrastructure locally.  Patching and updating are easier for you than when using on-premises servers.

A virtual infrastructure must be managed. This provides more opportunity for you to offer value-added activities. The CPU Cloud promises and delivers a better, more scalable process for your company.

It eliminates the time-consuming and tedious tasks of managing on-premise technology solutions. Server maintenance, upgrading, and patching are automated with the CPU Cloud. Hardware will always be up-to-date, so you and your clients don’t need to worry. You’ll experience excellent uptime that would typically cost thousands of dollars using on-premise servers.

With the CPU Cloud, you won’t need to spend countless hours on your customers’ servers each day. Instead, you can focus on other services like strategic planning and provide the access they need to their applications and data.  As their cloud provider, you’ll be integral to your customers’ productivity and efficiency.

The CPU Cloud allows you to provide the 24/7 support your customers need to resolve unexpected problems. They’ll have the management and maintenance they need, and you can take all the credit.

Your Customers Can Grow Without Adding More Employees & So Can You

For most MSPs, growth is restricted by location. When using the CPU Cloud, you can manage your team more efficiently and scale your business without adding more people.

When you’re free from server maintenance, your team will have more time to bring in new customers. Your customer reach is no longer limited to geographic boundaries.

You can more easily scale up your business without the burden of additional staff. And you can do this for your customers as well.  This provides the value they’re looking for.

Everyone Wins With The CPU Cloud

Transitioning your customers’ IT infrastructure to the CPU Cloud provides a win-win opportunity. A win for your customers and for you as their cloud provider. They’ll be able to grow their business and so will you. And when your customers are happy with your cloud services, they’ll provide referrals to others.

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