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MSPs: Make Sure You Have Multiple Arrows in your Virtualization Quiver

One of the most sweeping trends in IT today is virtualization.

Naturally, many companies look to virtualization to take advantage of their physical hardware. Virtualization saves technology budget dollars and provides a more flexible, scalable environment. It’s a way for your clients to do less with more, which is always a popular business philosophy.

However, the journey to virtualization isn’t simple. One key factor lies in choosing the right hardware, software and services.

In order to partner with your clients to virtualize their environments, you must rely on a hypervisor. Make sure you choose the right option though and don’t be locked into a singular hypervisor that your cloud solution provider endorses.

Diversify your Options for your Diverse Clientele

In order to provide comprehensive managed services for the businesses that trust you with their IT, you simply must have various hypervisor choices available to you.

As virtualization continues to grow in popularity — and, according to experts, it will — the demand for hypervisor expertise will trend up also. Plus, opportunities for cloud services will evolve and expand.

Thankfully, today’s technology manufacturers provide many options for hypervisors, well beyond the traditional choice of only VMWare.

But still, many MSPs stick with what they know and only offer one to two choices for their clients.

Hypervisors have differing strengthens, making certain ones a better fit for certain purposes. For example, some are known for impeccable performance, making them the right choice for mission-critical applications. And some are simpler to set up, which makes them a great choice for testing environments.

MSPs can take advantage of both types of hypervisors — “bare metal” hypervisors that run directly on the physical hardware of the host machine and “hosted” hypervisors that are installed on an existing operating system.

Along with varying types, there are dozens of brands of hypervisors that should be considered when providing your customers with the best virtualization strategy.

Lead Your Clients with the Right Expertise

If your cloud provider isn’t offering you more than one or two choices, it’s time to move consider other options.

CPU offers options because we know a hypervisor choice isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. As a key component in virtualization efforts, MSPs should utilize their hypervisor options to provide their clients with the perfect fit for their technological goals.

At CPU, we will link arms with you to help provide the right advice, strategy and implementation support for your valued clients. And we never compete, because MSPs are our only customers.

Plus, our partner program is available to you at no cost with no commitment and no contracts.

Our highly resilient, scalable cloud services, complete with virtualization and hypervisor assistance, are a great asset to MSPs. Get in touch with us today — by phone at 866-883-8836 or reach out on our website. We will be happy to share our expertise with you.

Our technology experts are standing by and ready to help you on your journey toward the digital transformation of your valued clients. Get ahead of your competition by partnering with us today.

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