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MSPs Need Serious Know-How on Staying Relevant with Cloud Services

One of the silver linings of the COVID-19 pandemic is the explosive accelerated growth in cloud services. For MSPs, that means grasping the latest and greatest offerings or becoming obsolete.

After you’ve successfully led migrations for key business applications to the cloud, you must start thinking about what’s next.

It may appear that you’ve made a serious dent in the cloud services possibilities in your clientele and your marketplace, but the truth is we’ve all only just scratched the surface.

As we all experienced, the demand for providing efficient, secure remote access to data and applications was mission-critical when the global pandemic hit.

Now that the dust has settled somewhat, it’s time to embrace the next round of opportunities …  the hybrid cloud. Many IT experts are telling us the hybrid cloud is the next trend in IT infrastructure and cloud hosting services.

Hybrid cloud hosting allows businesses to host some of their applications locally and keep some in the cloud.

The next challenge for MSPs: guide clients to understand which programs should be hosted where. Certain applications and specific data need to be hosted in certain ways to allow maximum access and protection.

Understanding hybrid cloud strategies, along with private cloud and public cloud, is an overwhelming task for any MSP. It’s simply tough to keep up with every IT trend and remain a thought leader in your marketplace.

But — becoming stagnant simply isn’t an option.

MSPs need serious know-how to partner with business leaders as we continue down the path of digital transformation.

Modern companies, led by forward-thinking business leaders, are quickly evolving past only placing isolated key applications in clouds. They’re thinking beyond the obvious quick-fix solutions.

The next logical goal? Allow applications to connect with data no matter where they are housed or stored. Empowering company data to flow between applications and be accessed by users will create more efficiency and better business insight.

IT strategies will also be focused on improving the speed of deployment on applications and technological services.

All these strategies will support the ultimate goal of improving operational efficiencies. Doing more with less will continue to be a high-value business imperative.

Don’t go it alone. The pressure to stay educated on every aspect of cloud services is overwhelming for any MSP.

CPU is a partner you can count on. We never compete with you for your clients. Our only priority is to serve MSPs, providing a reliable level of expertise that you and your valued customers can depend on.

CPU has top-notch expertise in many areas of IT, including cloud services, backup and disaster recovery, email and SPAM protection, managed firewalls, VoIP, application and database development and website design.

We’ve invested in a myriad of professional tools, processes and certifications that allow us to provide MSPs with affordable solutions and the level of service that Fortune 500 companies have internally.

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