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Can you predict the future? What can history teach us about what’s ahead? The past is littered with great examples of successes in technology and dismal failures. There has to be a lesson in there somewhere. What can we learn about the early cloud efforts so your clients have the right technologies today?

Cloud Computing – Back To The Future

Remember the dot-com era? Think back to the late 1990s. For some of us, it wasn’t that long ago. For others…well, just take our word for it – or go and google “the dot-com era.”

Remember all the organizations that wanted to be ASPs (Application Service Providers)? That was the early generation of the Cloud.

The Cloud even goes farther back than the dot-com era. I still remember going into my bank and peering over the counter to check out the screen with all the green text on it. Yes, the good old mainframe days.

The mainframe was a version of cloud computing – a private cloud connected by private circuits – extremely slow by today’s standards.

Mainframes and ASPs were the early generations of cloud computing. What was the challenge back then?… Bandwidth

The Cloud & Bandwidth Are Cornerstones Of Cloud Computing

Bandwidth was the ultimate challenge to the overall success of the early days of cloud computing. Outside of major cities, bandwidth was extremely hard to get. And even if you could get service in a small town, it was extremely expensive.

Today, fast internet speeds and large bandwidth pipes are available almost everywhere. There’s nothing holding back the massive future explosion of cloud computing, especially for small to midsized companies.

Besides the obvious benefits of phone, email, and storage, cloud computing now allows your customers to locate anywhere and employ team members across the globe.

The Cloud and bandwidth are the cornerstones to making all this happen.

So, what’s next?

What can you do to help your customers benefit from the Cloud?…

Form A Strategic Partnership With A CSP

Forming a strategic partnership with a cloud infrastructure company is a great first step. A solid relationship with a cloud partner provides you with the ability to offer even more services, and become a valuable part of your customers’ teams.

The Benefits Of Partnering With A Cloud Service Provider

A CSP will consult with you and help you align cloud services for your customers to ensure positive results for everyone involved.

You’ll gain an edge over other MSPs by providing cloud service models for your customers that meet their unique needs.

How Do You Choose The Right Cloud Service Partner?

It can be confusing trying to decide which Cloud Service Partner to choose. With the dependence businesses have on the Cloud today, you need the confidence knowing that your CSP will genuinely be there for you when you have a question or issue.

Not all CSPs are the same. Some are so large that when you contact them, you could be hanging in level-one support for a week before your issue is escalated. In the meantime, you or your clients are left without the vital cloud solutions you require.

Look for a CSP Partner who provides personalized services – and has the expertise that years of service provide…

Along with this, you need a partner that you can trust will jump in and handle any issues with focus, efficiency, and determination to make things right.

The principals at CPU, Inc. used to be Managed Service Providers as well as software developers. We leverage our experience and technical engineering expertise to deliver robust and cost-effective cloud services for your customers.

  • We understand the issues you face. Having been an MSP, we know that you need fast and efficient cloud services for your customers. Today, we’re helping other managed services companies provide better cloud service to their customers.
  • We know that you require personalized service. Cloud Service Providers all use the same technology. We use the same data centers and storage technologies. The difference is that we can provide the personalized service that the larger CSPs can’t.
  • We don’t front end our systems with portals that mask what you want to see. While we use the same technology that the other big CSPs do, our MSP partners can go in and work directly on their customers’ clouds themselves.
  • Our IT service partners don’t have long wait times to get their customers’ problems resolved. We know who they are and what their unique needs are. So, we can help them right away. Fast and personable cloud service is what makes CPU different.
  • We can also fill in the gaps for small startup MSPs. They rely on us for our expertise.

With CPU Inc. you’ll have a cloud partner who’s focused on a single path: To help you bring your clients into the Cloud.

We’ve been doing this so long that we can interact with our partners and understand their needs.

Are you ready to form a strategic partnership and win in the Cloud?

Let’s talk. Give my office a call and we can discuss how the advantages a perfect strategic relationship with a cloud services company can help YOU soar to success.

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