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The team at CPU wants to be your trustworthy Technology Partner. We know how important personal service is – that’s why we’ll get to know your MSP business, learn what your priorities are, and help you deliver ideal IT solutions for your clients.

From a software development company 32 years ago, our business has expanded into a trusted partner for the solutions your clients depend on. Unlike others, we don’t insist on white labeling our products. We allow you to do this while we operate in the background to ensure everything works properly and to provide whatever support you need. As your Technology Partner, we allow you to provide our solutions as if they were your own.

We Provide The Support You Need To Deliver These Solutions To Your Clients And You Can Even White Label Them Under Your Company Name If You Like

Whether your clients are interested in using the Cloud, need a new cost-effective, reliable telephony solution, or want to reduce their overhead with a hosted desktop solution, we’ll be there to provide everything you need to make that possible. We’ll assign a dedicated sales specialist to work with you behind the scenes to ensure your clients are more than satisfied with our solutions. This entire experience takes place under your brand, not ours. Your clients will never know that we’re working for you.

We’ll also provide the sales collateral you need to sell our products as your own. If your clients have any questions, we’ll be there for you with answers so you can address their concerns. After they sign on and you begin implementing our technology solutions, we’ll be there every step of the way should you have any issues or run into problems.

This continues throughout our relationship. With CPU, Inc. on your team, you’ll have a reliable Partner who will treat your MSP business as if it were our own. It’s our goal to ensure you succeed when partnering with us to provide the IT solutions your clients and prospects are looking for.

Partner With CPU, Inc. To Deliver The Best Technology Solutions To Your Clients

CPU, Inc. excels as one of the premier technology infrastructure solutions in the global market. Some of the benefits of partnering with us include

  • White Labeling: We don’t require that you use the CPU, Inc. brand on the solutions you deliver to your clients. Instead, you’re free to white label our services with your own brand to expand your range of business services and enhance your company’s reputation.
  • Compliance Support: As your partner, we will help you deliver IT infrastructure solutions to your clients in the healthcare, financial, and other closely regulated industries. Our highly secure cloud environment will ensure the data they collect, store, and access will be protected in line with compliance regulations such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and more.
  • Comprehensive Support: Our team provides support 24/7 to ensure that any issues or concerns you may have are addressed. We handle problems quickly and efficiently.
  • Simple, Flexible Pricing: We offer wholesale and pay-as-you-go pricing models to ensure you can achieve the best possible margins, while only paying for the resources your clients need. We’re proud to offer competitive margins that allow you to deliver the Cloud to your customers at a reasonable price, while still making an acceptable profit.
  • Business Continuity: We would be happy to demo our Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and Migration services to ensure they meet your needs and the needs of your customers.
  • Training For Your Staff: While our team is available whenever you need us for support, we don’t want you to have to call us every day – that’s just not expedient. This is why we provide robust and effective training for your staff to ensure they know everything they need to know about the IT solutions and services you deliver to your end users.

When You Partner With CPU, You Get Dependable IT Solutions. This Lets You Focus On Being The Reliable IT Provider Your Clients Need

Whether you’re good at migrating clients to Microsoft Office 365, providing IT Security, or any of the other services an MSP offers, we can take some of the burdens off your shoulders by providing the Cloud and other solutions you can resell. And we’ll be there day-to-day if you need help managing or troubleshooting anything.

In the end, you’ll know that you can rely on us for consistent, professional service and support. Your clients will get the great services they’re looking for without you having to give up control, paying more than you can afford, or compromising your business reputation.

Give your clients the technology solutions they need to succeed. Partner with the CPU, Inc. team by getting in touch with us at (877) 373-8808 or at

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