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The Big Three Cloud Providers: The Right Choice for MSPs?

When You Think of the Cloud, Chances Are, Three Cloud Providers Come to Mind: Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. After All, They’ve Dominated the Market for the Past 5 Years…

Despite the fact that the “big three” cloud providers have dominated the public cloud market for the past 5 years, they might not necessarily be the best choice for MSPs looking to provide cloud services for their clients. Why? Well, we’re certainly not knocking their capabilities. After all, they’re the best-known cloud vendors around for a reason. They each have a large ecosystem of third-party tools, integrations, and applications built around them, which makes them a fairly reliable source for cloud services.

But here’s the thing… The big three are incredibly popular. There are TONS of businesses using their cloud services. What does that mean for you, the MSP that wants to provide cloud services for their clients? It means you’re bound to be stuck in a long line when it comes to customer service and support.

The Big Three Cloud Providers Are Great, But MSPs Simply Don’t Receive the Support They Need…

Even if you’re a partner of one of the big three cloud providers, you’re one of many partners who will be requiring assistance with migrations, ongoing support, and troubleshooting. There are many reasons why using one of the big three cloud providers may not be the right choice, but the biggest reason is fairly straightforward: a lack of personalized, customer-focused support. Here’s a few more reasons:

Avoid cloud sprawl

For MSPs, governance is key. This is why choosing one of the big three is typically not the right choice because it can lead to cloud sprawl – launching far too many cloud services because they’re available to you. This, in turn, leads to a lack of governance as technicians struggle to become experts in all of the cloud services they’re providing.

Keep costs low

There are many smaller vendors like CPU that offer cloud services at a lower rate than the big three, who are able to charge a much more “premium” price due to their reputation in the marketplace. Plus, the big three tend to require more commitment in the form of long-term contracts.

More customization for workloads

The big three have fantastic offerings, however, MSPs tend to need the ability to customize for any given types of workloads. Smaller vendors like CPU offer the ability to customize from the ground up – meaning you’re in charge of billing and technical support with assistance and industry-leading margins/discounts from us.

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