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The Cloud Is a Terrific Alternative to Replacing Old Hardware

As an experienced MSP, you’re focused on offering your clients the best of the best. However, when it comes to your IT services, it may be time to reconsider whether you are fulfilling 100% of your clients’ needs. As cloud services take the world by storm, it’s officially time for your MSP to get up-to-date with the latest and greatest in cloud-based technology. With years of valuable experience, CPU, Inc. is proud to work with MSPs just like you to expand your offering and highlight the importance of cloud services in our digital day and age.

Enhance Your Offering With Cloud-Based Services

Now more than ever, cloud-based services are the way forward for growing MSPs. If you are wrestling with the decision of replacing your old hardware or transitioning to the cloud, consider the following advantages of offering your clients cloud services and ditching your old server.

Reasonable Pricing 

It’s no secret that technology investments are a key part of doing business today, but replacing traditional hardware is a serious step backward in today’s modern, largely remote climate. Not only do cloud services allow your clients to only pay for what they use in terms of cloud storage, they are also a highly-manageable option that cuts out hardware, maintenance, software, power and support costs associated with old-school machinery.

Enjoy Improved Remote Access on the Cloud 

With more and more teams working from home, it’s crucial that you provide your clients with streamlined, cloud-based services that facilitate the transition to remote working. One of the best parts of cloud-based services is that they offer flexible access to users anywhere, any time. Better yet, your clients can stay connected using multiple different devices with cloud-based services. For the modern professional team, cloud services are a must-have to keep day-to-day operations flowing smoothly.

Iron-Clad Cybersecurity Measures Keep Your Clients Safe 

Unfortunately, as technology continues to develop, so does cybercrime. Your clients can no longer afford to treat cybersecurity as a luxury — in today’s world, protection from a variety of cyberattacks is an absolute necessity. The good news is that cloud-based services are extremely well-equipped to ward off cyberattacks in many different forms. When you make the switch to cloud services, you and your clients are guaranteed serious protection from dangerous threats like ransomware, malicious pop-up ads, false networks and much more. With 445 million cyberattacks in 2020 alone, now is the time to prioritize your clients’ cybersafety through cloud services.

Team up With CPU’s Cloud Services Experts

Transitioning to cloud services is a highly beneficial step that your team — and clients — won’t regret. Here at CPU, Inc., we understand that you might have some questions and concerns as you make this move to the cloud. That’s why our skilled professionals are here to offer you the one-on-one support that you deserve for the years to come.

To learn more about receiving exceptional hands-on, responsive support as your MSP adopts cloud-based services, connect with CPU’s friendly experts by calling (866) 883-8836 or visiting today.

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