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The Future of MSPs Relies on Expanding Value for Customers

Innovation. Thought Leadership. Trusted Advisor. 

When businesses look for help with their IT, these qualities currently top their wish lists. Technology is rapidly evolving, and MSPs must respond to market demands to keep up.

Over the past several years, MSPs have evolved from offering break/fix services to providing proactive, secure outsourced technology management, and they have grown their businesses by offering peace of mind for their clients. They have grown their service offerings to include virtual CIO services, consulting and project management and VOIP solutions.

But what’s next? What innovation should MSPs focus on for 2021 and beyond?

Broaden Your Focus

The market demand for cloud services has grown at a dizzying speed in 2020 as COVID-19 has infected more than 67 million people worldwide.

Businesses quickly acclimated to new workspace requirements to keep employees safely working from home as the pandemic began and accessibility and remote access have been a top priority.

Many MSPs have enjoyed stable expansion in their cloud services as a result.

But 2020 is just the beginning.

Consumers will continue to search for strategic partners to move forward with their cloud presence. As the dust settles from the global pandemic, business leaders will look for advice on how to continue ensuring productivity and access are protected, while also prioritizing data protection, security and compliance.

MSPs who win in their marketplaces must refine their cloud skills, from consultation to migration to management. Or, they must find their own strategic partner to rely on.

Partner with a Specialist

Technology requirements are vast and cloud specialists are in high demand. Partnering with an IT firm that offers top-notch, innovative cloud solutions for your clients is a smart strategic move.

Be sure to select the right firm that offers hands-on customer service, engineer availability and innovative advice. Here’s a hint: the big three probably won’t be able to support your needs, as it’s nearly impossible to receive individualized service from them.

Ask for references. Talk to your peers and discuss options like white-labeling and escalation points.

Ensure that your clients will not experience costly mistakes in migration or infrastructure as they lean in to additional cloud services. Business leaders know what they need and are counting on you to deliver on-time, expert services in supporting their most-needed applications.

Broaden Your Cloud Offerings

Expanding your cloud service offering will provide unlimited opportunities to upsell — and to delight — your clients, both small and large. Coming alongside business leaders as they adopt a cloud-first mindset will position you as a trusted technology advisor and build loyalty with your portfolio of clients.

From consultations to proofs of concepts to specialized projects to compliance initiatives, the revenue streams are endless. Your clients will enjoy having one place to go for all things cloud.

Pushing forward into a cloud-first mindset is the best goal you can set for your MSP business in 2021.

At CPU, we only work with MSPs to provide cloud services. We aren’t a competitor for MSPs, but deliver an additional source of expertise that will create a robust and sustainable pipeline of business.

We would love to have a conversation as you set your priorities for the upcoming year. Reach out via email or give us a call at 877-373-8808 today.

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