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One thing is true in any business – You must always be on the hunt for new opportunities.  The same can be said for the Cloud. Have you discovered how the Cloud can help open doors and present new opportunities for your business?

The Cloud is constantly evolving.  Every day, new cloud applications help businesses do more with less, become hyper-efficient, and create workflows and processes that leave competitors scratching their heads thinking,  “How Did They Do That?”

Let’s peel back the onion and I’ll show you how businesses can use the Cloud to ultimately win in the marketplace.

Are You Fanatical About Selling The Cloud To Your Prospects and Clients?

This past month, I started reading a great book by Jeb Blount entitled “Fanatical Prospecting.” Here’s what I learned…Hunting for new business and picking up the phone to prospect for new business opportunities is something we all agree is important. But when it comes to doing the hard work, most of us should raise our hands and say “guilty” for not putting more effort into this.

If prospecting for new business opportunities is hypercritical and we all understand the importance of it, why don’t we do something about it? I know, we do… but only when the sales funnel dries up. Then prospecting becomes an urgent issue that must be addressed.

With the goal of becoming a better business professional, and as I continue to read and study every word Jeb writes in his book, I got to thinking about the Cloud and how it plays an equally important role in business today. Yes! The Cloud suffers from the same lack of effort that our sales prospecting does.

I hear you thinking, what do you mean Jeanne? Simple… many of us know that we have aging IT systems that could be moved to the Cloud, or a legacy line of business applications that must be maintained and are difficult to use. It’s also becoming evident that these old systems are being “leapfrogged” and left behind by newer, more cost-effective cloud solutions that we should consider.

Like a sales funnel that dries up, some businesses don’t put the required focus and importance on their IT systems. And when something crashes or stops working, just like that dry sales funnel, we panic to get it fixed or moved to the right platform where it should have been in the first place.

Are You Showing Your Prospects & Clients How They Can Benefit From The Cloud?

Here are just a few of the things to explain about the Cloud that should open new doors for you.

The Cloud Provides Better IT Security

Tell your prospects and clients how the Cloud provides better security than storing files on servers and hard drives. Their files will be encrypted and accessible only to their employees. And, their networks won’t be exposed to hackers and viruses.

The Cloud Supports Mobility

Even though reliable internet services aren’t available everywhere, when they combine mobile connectivity with today’s cloud solutions, their workforce can use the applications and data they need from virtually anywhere–even for sites that are highly remote. Plus, with your Mobile Device Monitoring Services, their employees can safely use their own phones and computers.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Are Increased With The Cloud

An enterprise-based cloud solution allows your clients to recover their entire IT infrastructure quickly, applications and all. Servers, desktops, files, and applications are all stored in our secure data center. This is essential for their business continuity and disaster recovery.

Cloud Computing Will Save Them Money

With cloud computing, your clients won’t have to pay upfront fees to license software. They can sign up for your services like Office 365, accounting programs or whatever software they need on a per-user basis. This is a good solution for smaller businesses because it’s budget-friendly. And, they can designate these solutions as business expenses rather than capital expenses.

Other Microsoft solutions they can benefit from with your cloud offering include:

  • Microsoft SharePoint: They can have a secure and customizable online portal to promote teamwork and simplify collaboration.
  • Microsoft QuickBooks that’s easy-to-use, even for their new employees.
  • Microsoft Exchange that ensures the reliability and security of their emails.

They Can Work From Any Device Or Location

Cloud computing gives your clients, prospects and their employees the ability to work from home, while on vacation or at a local coffee shop. Their files and documents are in the Cloud, so they’re available when and where they need them. Their staff will always have access to the most recent edits of any document.

The Cloud Can Improve Workflows

No more relying on traditional paper-based workflows. The Cloud provides opportunities for workflows to be partially or entirely digitized. This allows for paper-free and instant communication between your clients’/prospects’ headquarters, field offices, managers, contractors, vendors, and partners.

They Can Automate Processes

Automation with machine learning plays an enormous role in optimizing workflows and predicting problems before they occur. With workflows based in the Cloud, your prospects and clients can automate or semi-automate many processes.

They can:

  • Use analytics to predict problems before they arise, and optimize their workflows.
  • Automate and monitor work schedules.
  • Monitor and track staff performance.
  • Increase productivity and cut costs with IoT devices.

They’ll Have Better Document Control

When they store and edit documents in the Cloud, their files are stored in a central location so staff has access to the most up-to-date versions. Document control is much easier with the right cloud solutions. Collaboration on documents is also simplified and will increase their staff’s productivity.

They Can Make Use Of Big Data

During the lifecycle of any project, they may need to process and share massive amounts of information. The Cloud provides the ability to store and process big data that’s needed for this.

Cloud Solutions Are Scalable

Your clients can scale up their cloud solutions in busy times or scale them back when things are slow. They’ll no longer waste money on services they don’t need. Because they pay for cloud solutions on a per-user basis, they can readily adjust them.

The Cloud Increases Competitiveness

They’ll be more competitive when using cloud computing solutions. They can access enterprise-class technology that larger businesses use but at a more reasonable price. With pay-per-user applications, they can better compete. Cloud computing will also enhance their operational efficiencies so they can deliver services faster.

They Can Exceed Their Customers’ Expectations By Using Cloud-Based CRM Software

This is an essential tool for most companies. Why? Because over the long course of a project, it’s important that they carefully manage their relationship with customers. They need a cloud-based system that they can access from anywhere to keep track of contact information, communications and ensure that their customers’ requests are being addressed. This provides their managers, sales reps, and marketers quick access to essential customer data to ensure requirements are being met.

They’ll Have More Time To Focus On Growing Their Business

Cloud technology streamlines so many procedures while improving overall efficiency. So, your clients and prospects will have more time to focus on serving their customers and growing their businesses.

In Conclusion

The Cloud can definitely open doors for you. But you must get up out of your chair and meet with your prospects and clients. It’s up to you to show them the benefits using the Cloud can provide. Partnering with CPU will help. We can help you find ways to sell your cloud services. With CPU, as your cloud service partner, you’ll soon be as fanatical as we are when it comes to selling the Cloud, and doors to more business will swing wide open!

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