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Do You Trust Your Cloud Provider? Microsoft, Google, And Amazon May Steal Your Clients

As cloud technology continues to evolve, big Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon are taking over the market. How can your small MSP possibly compete?

You’ve got enough to deal with already without having to worry about your CSP trying to steal your clients.

Should you be worried?

Today, Jeanne DeWitt discusses this question:

Can You Trust Your CSP?

The unfortunate truth is that big CSPs like AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure may try to take your clients.

The reality is that by working directly with the CSP, your clients can cut out the middleman — you. CSPs have the resources and scale to offer better rates than you can as a reseller. This often leads to them circumventing businesses in your position and poaching clients.

How Can You Keep Your Clients?

The key here is to recognize the strengths and weaknesses at play. Yes, while the big CSPs’ size gives them more infrastructure and computing resources to work with, there are also downsides to that scale of operation.

Case in point: have you ever tried to contact customer service with one of these companies? You’ll never get the same person twice. You’ll get stuck waiting on a response. The support experience will be inconsistent.

This is where companies of your size shine. You’re not too big to deliver a personal, engaged, and consistent support experience. That’s precisely where your value as a “cloud middleman” lies — you get your clients all the technical benefits of a big CSP’s solution, without compromising their support experience.

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