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VMWare Finally Reaches Critical Mass in the Cloud

The cloud offers us amazing advantages in the world of technology: accessibility, security, efficiency and accommodations for today’s remote workforce.

We’re happy to report that VMWare has reached a critical mass in cloud presence with over 15 million enterprise workloads hosted in the cloud.

This news was announced at their annual conference.

Let’s talk about the options for migrating VMWare to the cloud today, especially as a tool to accommodate today’s remote workers.


MSPs Should Understand the Opportunity

In the past few years VMWare instances have grown exponentially, and VMWare has become a foundational tool for many companies’ IT infrastructure.

But who should you choose as an MSP to host your clients’ VMWare instances? The answer can make or break your clients’ satisfaction.

Because the demand for remote access is exploding, MSPs are wise to look for cloud services partners who can accommodate their clients and offer white-glove, high-level service.

It’s a high-value wise business decision to find the best path forward for your clients and finding the best comrade in the market will allow you to focus on your key core competencies. Never consider sending your hard-won clients to a competitor for any aspect of their IT needs, as this could open your business up to churn and undue revenue reductions.

Demand for Cloud Services Will Continue to Expand

Revenue in the U.S. for cloud hosting providers is expected to exceed $95 billion this year alone. The vast majority of this revenue lies in the public cloud market.

One silver lining of the global pandemic is the accelerated demand for remote access and work-from-home conveniences. MSPs will continue to be challenged with migrating workloads into the cloud, both for short-term remote access capabilities and long-term efficiencies.

As an MSP, you need to offer secure, efficient VMWare support as part of your service portfolio, as clients will demand it now that VMWare makes more sense than ever in cloud migrations and deployments.

Find the Best Partner

When you partner with CPU, you sign on to a mature security posture and a cloud services solution you can trust.

We work with many of MSPs just like you – to take the onus off them for perfecting and excelling in their cloud offerings, including staying up-to-speed with their security needs. We can remove the burden of hiring, retaining and training your own staff and their cloud expertise.

You can simply rely on our expertise instead.

Plus, we never compete with our MSPs allies, but instead, offer them an opportunity to grow their monthly recurring revenue. Don’t hire your own experts and take on the burden of keeping them trained and up-to-speed — partner with us instead.

We offer a bolt-on service for you to white-list and take full credit for its efficiencies and effectiveness. We constantly reevaluate our cloud assistance resources so you don’t have to.

Start off with an initial conversation. Reach out by phone at 866-883-8836 or contact us on our website. We would be delighted to hear from you and explore a partnership.

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