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What’s Next in Cloud Services?

COVID-19 changed everything.

We’re hoping that the COVID vaccine will also change things, but probably not back to the way things were a year ago.

Remote workers, anywhere anytime access and an ever-changing mobile workforce are here to stay. The trend of moving all types of goods and services online for convenience and safety is also expected to be around for a long while.

As MSPs, it’s critically important to understand technology trends and what is on the horizon for the IT industry and on behalf of your clients.

Crazed Growth Will Continue in Public Cloud

In every aspect of technology, remote access has become the key to maintaining productivity and success as we continue through the global pandemic.

Every piece of cloud services has benefited from an increased focus on accessibility and uptime. Growth in spending in public cloud in particular is up almost 48 percent, according to IDG.

For MSPs, finding the right cloud services partner is paramount in continuing to grow their revenue and satisfy their customers. The streams of additional revenue are truly endless.

Artificial Intelligence Will Reign Supreme

The term AI still sounds a bit sci-fi to some, but artificial intelligence — better explained as the automated use of data and analysis — will separate the winners from the losers in business over the next several years.

Providing automated, intuitive tools for your clients to manage their data will place you ahead of your competition and give your customers a competitive advantage. Plus, they will trust your thought leadership and your consultation to serve their best interests.

AI will also make employee training possible and improve the customer experience for every business every time.

Data Privacy Will Remain a Priority

Data security will continue to be a concern as business leaders adopt cloud-based storage and hosting products. Company leaders must know their employee and client data is secure and must stay on top of upcoming compliance and regulatory demands.

Migrating data from on-site hardware to the cloud could be an opportunity for bad actors to steal and exploit sensitive data. Ensuring buttoned-up project management, thorough security vetting and proper migration and implementation services will be a key focus for 2021.

Some attention is expected with legislative entities around data privacy considerations is expected too. As companies continue to rely on online and cloud services, regulatory and compliance demands are expected to follow suit.

Dependable IT Infrastructure is Key to Productivity

Secure, reliable IT infrastructure — whether on-site or in the cloud — will remain a focus and a key for productivity this year. Simply put, employees expect anytime, anywhere access to their key business applications from any device in any workspace.

Many of your clients will consider alternative approaches to replacing outdated hardware and cloud services are a great option for them.

The days of buying expensive on-premise equipment are fading. Cloud hosting and BYOD devices of all types will continue to trend in 2021.

As an MSP, it’s critical to make sure you stay ahead of the trends, capturing every opportunity to delight your clients.

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