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Why Every MSP Should Be Thankful for the Cloud

When the cloud-first emerged as a brand new technological invention, most of us were skeptical. Common questions included: how would security be guaranteed, how would access be efficient and what should we think about potential regulation.

Fortunately for us, those questions have been mostly resolved and hundreds of thousands of businesses have made cloud hosting and access part of their fundamental IT infrastructure.

As an MSP, you should be especially grateful for cloud services, and the limitless additional sources of revenue they provide.

According to Gartner, Inc., cloud services will continue to see explosive growth.

In fact, Worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services is forecasted to grow 18.4% this year, to total $304.9 billion.  Last year’s spend was $257.5 billion in 2020, no doubt accelerated by our swift transition to work-from-home arrangements.

The cloud allows for maximum productivity — from anywhere on any device at any time.

In our continuing pandemic, your customers expect the best cloud advice — and the best ongoing service — from you as their IT partner.

In your line of business, offering cloud services is key.

Maximize Resources and Avoid Additional Headcount

Partnering with an expert in cloud services will allow you expertise without training employees, hiring additional help, or bringing in pricey consultants.

You immediately improve the posture of your cloud services offerings when you have the right company standing behind you and your clients will feel the difference.

According to the online recruiting service Zip Recruiter, a professional cloud computing worker can expect to earn just over $117,000 per year as a national average salary.

Maintain and Advance Your Position as a Thought Leader

If your clients aren’t talking with you about cloud offerings, they should be. Cloud hosting will continue to be in the forefront of technological trends. MSPs need to be ready for consultations, migrations, special projects, hosting and security testing in every regard of their cloud service offerings.

Proving you know your stuff in cloud advice will prove to your clients that they can trust you to always keep them up-to-date on the latest opportunities within technology.

Increase Monthly Recurring Revenue

Adding cloud services adds another potential line item to your customers’ monthly agreements with you and it’s the predictable monthly recurring revenue all MSPs love.

Offering multiple IT services may also keep your competitors at bay, as those in your marketplace will not have a deficiency in your program to exploit. You work hard for your customers, both to win their business and to maintain their networks, and you never want to suggest they talk with another provider because you can’t assist with a piece of their technological needs.

Keep Clients Happier Than Ever

The more services you provide, the more your clients will rely on you.  Happy clients trust you and they know they will never experience finger-pointing to other providers when they’re in your care.

Happy clients bring great referrals and word-of-mouth is still the absolute best type of advertising, especially in tight-knit business communities.

Consider CPU for all your Cloud Services

At CPU, we only work with MSPs. We will never have a conflict of interest with your clients and we’ll never go after them. Our priority is to equip our MSP partners for ultimate success in everything cloud.

CPU will be a provider you can trust. We align our service with your business strategy and provide the white-glove technical support you expect.

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